Spring Break Adventures

It is now the end of the first week back from spring break, so let’s take a moment to reflect on how some Pitzer students spent this coveted week. We asked several Pitzer students how they spent their break, and here is what they had to say:


“I went camping in the Grand Canyon and Zion with a jillion people.” Abigail ’15


“I drove up to Tahoe with some of my close friends to stay in a cabin. There was snow! OMG” China ’17


“I spent time with my family in Texas. I missed my cousins so much.” Carly ’18


“I sampled wine in Napa with my first year suitemate. We also road bikes through the countryside.” Joey ’16


“I went to Vegas and partied with Lil’ Jon.” Emily ’15


“I camped and backpacked through New Mexico on a POA  (Pitzer Outdoor Activities) trip with my best friend and two other Pitzer friends that joined on through the club meeting.” Casey ’16

“My father and I took a road trip on the Pacific side of Costa Rica from the Nicaraguan border to the Panamanian. The landscape was very diverse and it was an amazing trip.” Anna ’15


“I traveled to Ecuador with Pitzer on the Global/Local Mentorship program. I had never been to South America and I don’t speak Spanish but my host family was super nice.” Hriman ’17


“My Dad and I were chillin’ in the Bahamas on a boat.” Jacob ‘18


“I went to visit my girlfriend in Portland. She goes to Reed. ”  Robert ‘18

“I went home to Denver, Colorado for this Spring Break to cuddle with my puppies. And celebrated my 20th birthday, so I got to spend it with my family and best friend from home.” Jessa Stein ’17


“First I stayed at Pitzer and starved because the dining halls were closed, then I went camping at Sequoia to hike around the big redwood trees.” Michelle ’18

“I went back home to Seattle to see my family. Went on some beautiful hikes, saw some live jazz, and spent time with my twin sister who goes to a different college.” Naomi ’16

“I plopped down on the beach in Puerto Peñasco for five full days of sun and Settlers of Catan” Mary ’15

“Over spring break I travelled to Ecuador with the Institute for Global/Local Action & Study. While in Ecuador I participated in a series of lectures, made several site visits, and stayed with a host family. My participation in this program will also grant me the opportunity to be a part of Research Action Team that will work on a local project of my choice upon returning to school.” Carlos ‘18

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Posted by Jada Jones ’17, Economics & Lily Harris ’17, Neuroscience

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