A Few Introductions

Now that you have found our blog, you need to know how to find our office. Ent
We are located at
1050 N Mills Ave.
Claremont CA. 91711
and our phone number is 1(800)PITZER1
OR call (909) 621-8129
After entering Pitzer’s Campus, you can find our office on the bottom floor of Pitzer Hall directly North of the East Mesa Parking lot.
Meet Gabe. He is one of our fantastic tour guides.

Lets follow him inside and meet the staff.

When you enter our office the first faces you will see are Lesley Malinoski (right) and Cathy Shadowens (Left).


If you follow Gabe down the hall you can meet the counselors.

EHallwayArnaldo Rodriguez is the Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid at Pitzer College and the most important man in our office!

EArnaldoSecond comes Gloria Romo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President.

EGloriaThe next office belongs to the Director of Admission, Angel Perez.

Eangel_perezSitting next to Angel you will find Constance Perez, Assistant Director of Admission.

EConstanceAfter Constance’s office we come to Justin Voss, Associate Director of Admission. Just for a change of pace I made him juggle for you!

EJustin Juggleing EJustin reg

After Justin we come to our Operation’s Manager Donna Zinser’s office.

EDonnaRight across from Donna we have Lydia Plasencia, Admission Assitant for Data and File Management.

EIMG_1434After Donna and Lydia you will find the most important office….MINE. In case you already forgot, I am Danny Irving, Admision Counselor.

EIMG_1394Last but not least we come to the office of Jasmin Escobar, Associate Director of Admission.

EJasminSo now you know a little bit about our team. Tune in tomorrow to find out about our mascot and a fun game to play throughout the fall. (Intrigued, aren’t you?)

Posted by Danny Irving, Admission Counselor

Danny Leaps for joy