New Gmail Account Setup

Welcome to Pitzer!

Please follow the instructions below to setup and access your new Pitzer Gmail!

First a few notes:

Your username was emailed to you and it also part of your email address.   

  • Email format:
  • Login format:  (without the word students)

Accessing your New Pitzer Email:

Go to Pitzer’s homepage ( and choose the Resources link located in the top right section of the page.

Select Email for Students

You will be redirected to Pitzer’s authentication page.

Here you must enter your email in the following format:

Choose Next.

Enter the temporary password emailed to you.

Choose Sign in.

Just this once you will be asked to set your password recovery options.

This way you can avoid any lock out issues and keep your email account secure.

Choose Next.

Setup 1 or more of the security options listed.

Once completed choose Finish.

That’s it!  Your Pitzer Gmail account is now ready for use!

Now….Let’s change that password!

For information on Password Recovery, Duo two-factor authentication, Mobile Phone email configurations, and much more… Visit our New Student Technology page!


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