Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Student Senate consists of the Executive Board and the Cabinet, which collectively organize, coordinate, and oversee all actions and activities of the Pitzer College Student Senate. The Executive Board consists of the President of Student Senate, as well as five Vice Presidents. Each member of the Executive Board is independently elected to their respective office, and each has a number of unique duties and responsibilities. All members of the Executive Board serve on a variety of different college and student committees, often in leadership capacities. They meet privately at least once a week in addition to all regularly scheduled Student Senate meetings, and they work closely with both the Legislature and the Cabinet to ensure all branches of government-run smoothly and effectively. The Cabinet, which supports the Executive Board, consists of a Presiding Officer, Treasurer, Internal Secretary, Secretary of Student Organization, Public Relations Director, and Co-Events Board Chairs.

Executive Board Members


Sanya Dhama ‘24
[email protected]

The President of the Student Senate is the official representative and spokesperson for the students of Pitzer College and helps guide Senate in implementing its priorities and objectives. The President oversees the operations of the Executive Branch and Senate as a whole.

Vice President of External Affairs

Richard Julian Ampah ‘25
[email protected]

The Vice President of External Affairs (VPex) is responsible for managing and overseeing Student Senate’s interactions with the college, and joint projects with staff, faculty, and administration. VPex provides coordination and guidance to student representatives on standing committees of Pitzer College and students in those positions. While every member of the Executive Branch must engage with staff, faculty, administration, and trustees, it is the responsibility of the VPex to ensure that Senate is a vigorous participant in the shared governance process.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Jasmine Ali ‘26
[email protected]

The Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPin) is responsible for coordinating the internal operations of Student Senate. It’s the VP’s role to guide and advise the Internal Secretary, helping members of Senate draft legislation, helping students get involved on task forces, and stepping in wherever Senate needs additional support.

Vice President of Finance

Lila Feldmann ‘24
[email protected]

The Vice President of Finance (VPf) manages the budget of Student Senate. It is the VP’s role to plan and track the annual budget of Student Senate and implement long-term changes to the system. This involves several major duties including chairing Budget Committee, club and organization budget hearings, preparing the annual budget, reporting the finances of Student Senate, and managing the credit cards.

Vice President of Student Engagement

Siya Bhola ‘24
[email protected]

The Vice President of Student Engagement (VPse) coordinates Senate’s efforts to enrich student life at Pitzer College. It’s the VP’s role to oversee all clubs and student organizations at the college and work closely with the Secretary of Student Organizations, Secretary of Diversity, and Secretary of Events.

Vice President of Diversity

Lue Khoury ‘25
[email protected]

The Vice President of Diversity (VPd) provides guidance to all identity groups. It is the VP’s role to coordinate between identity groups and other parts of Student Senate and emphasize the interests and needs of historically marginalized communities on campus.



Ella Hale ‘26
[email protected]

The Treasurer’s primary duty is to manage reimbursements for Student Senate, as well as assisting the Vice President of Finance with running Budget Committee meetings.

Public Relations Director

Megha Madhabhushi ’27
[email protected]

The Public Relations Director facilitates public communications by regularly updating the Senate’s website and uploading on social media pages to spread awareness to the student body of agenda items. The Director also works closely with the Vice President of External Affairs and student journalists to ensure all written reports and news articles are accurate and contain factual information only.

Events Board Co-Chairs

Acacia Schubert ’26, Simone Claudio Faraci ’24
[email protected]

The Events Board Co-Chairs serve as the chair of the Pitzer College Events Board, which is Pitzer’s primary programming board for student-organized events. The Events Board oversees an annual programming fund and works closely with events staff, student organizations, and the Vice President of Student Engagement to create a wide variety of successful events every year.

Secretary of Student Organizations

Alison Unruh’ 27
[email protected]

The Secretary of Student Organizations oversees student organizations and ensures that they adhere to the rules and regulations of the Student Senate bylaws. The Secretary conducts a semesterly review of all student organizations chartered by the Student Senate in order to verify their active status as a standing organization.

Presiding Officer


The Presiding Officer chairs the Student Senate meetings and the Adjudication Board. The Officer has a full understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure the meetings are constitutional.

Internal Secretary

Mae Tranquilla ’26
[email protected]

The Internal Secretary is responsible for keeping the proceedings of Student Senate well-documented and organized. The Secretary record minutes, track attendance, and ensure that documents are properly distributed. The Secretary also informs the student body of updates in Senate.