Student Employee FAQs

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    Getting Hired

    I have been offered a job on campus. What do I do next?
    Before you start working,
    you will be required to complete hire paperwork and present legal documentation verifying your eligibility to work in the U.S. For non-work-study jobs please visit the Human Resources Office in McConnell Center 310, and for federal work-study jobs please visit the Financial Aid Office in Holden Hall, Room 104. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.

    Tax Forms
    Two of the documents you will need to complete are the federal (W-4) and state (DE-4) tax withholding forms. Please consult with your parents or tax accountant to identify what withholding amount(s) you should report for those forms.

    What if I don’t have my original documents to prove I’m eligible to work in the U.S.?
    (the complete list of eligible documents is on the back of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form – see the “Hiring Paperwork” section below.)

    Federal employment regulations require that all employers view, copy and sign off attesting to having been presented original and valid legal documents to verify a person’s eligibility to work in the United States. If you are not able to present any of the eligible documents you are not permitted to work. If your documents are at home, you can have your parents or guardian mail your documents to campus using a secure service with tracking capabilities.

    Employment Policies and Safety Guidelines
    When you are hired, you will be provided with a packet of materials that you will be expected to read and abide by. These materials include:

    • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
    • Safety Rules and Guidelines
    • Harassment and Discrimination Policy
    • Workers’ Compensation Benefits / MPN Acknowledgement

    I’ll be driving a Pitzer vehicle as part of my job. Are there any additional requirements for me to complete?
    We will need to verify that you have a driving record acceptable to the Colleges’ automobile liability insurance. To do this, you need to complete and submit a release form to the Human Resources Office, along with two copies of your driver’s license. This will authorize our insurance carrier to run a report from the California Department of Motor Vehicles and determine if you meet our driving record standards for insurability. The form is available in the Human Resources office or by email from [email protected]. The results of the report will be submitted to your supervisor within approximately two weeks.

    Hiring Paperwork


    How do I submit my work hours for payment?
    You will enter your start and end times for each shift of work in Pitzer’s electronic time and attendance system, KRONOS. The system is accessed online through the KRONOS time and attendance system.

    IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that your time sheet is a legal, employment document. By writing down your work times and clicking “Save” and “Submit” you are confirming that those are the hours you worked. It is therefore important that your time sheet be completed accurately and in a timely manner according to the payroll deadlines.

    When is my completed timesheet due?
    All timesheets for hourly employees, including student employees, are due the last Friday of the pay period by 5:00 pm PST. The biweekly payroll schedule is listed on the home page of the Ultipro portal. The deadline may differ in weeks when Pitzer College observes a holiday. In order to finalize your timesheet, you must finish entering all of your worked hours and click the”Submit” button at the top of the screen. This will indicate to your supervisor that your timesheet is complete and ready for his/her review and approval.

    Who approves my timesheet?
    Your timesheet is approved by your direct supervisor. If you are unsure who your supervisor is, please contact Human Resources at [email protected] for non-work study jobs or Financial Aid for federal work-study jobs.

    How do I know if I worked overtime?
    Generally, student employees are not scheduled to work overtime. However, if you should be required to work extended hours for a special event or project you may end up working overtime hours. Overtime in the state of California is calculated as follows:

    • hours worked over 8 in one day, OR
    • hours worked over 40 in a week, OR
    • any hours worked on the 7th consecutive day.

    Double time is paid for hours worked over 12 in one day OR over 8 on the 7th consecutive day worked.

    Am I entitled to a lunch break?
    Perhaps – it depends on how many hours you work. If you work more than five hours in one day you are required to take a meal break of at least 30 minutes and you must record the start and end times for that break on your electronic timesheet in EmpCenter. Meal breaks are not paid time. Of course, your supervisor may schedule a meal break for you even if you don’t work five or more hours – just keep in mind that this time is not paid.

    In addition, you are also entitled to a 10-minute rest break for every four consecutive hours that you work. Rest breaks are paid time and should not be recorded on your timesheet.


    How do I get my paycheck?
    Your paycheck will be issued every other Friday according to the hourly schedule, except when issued early due to a College observed holiday. It will be delivered to your campus mailbox in the Atherton Hall Mailroom.

    If I live off campus can I have my check delivered to my home address instead?
    Yes, just notify Hortensia Lopez in Human Resources at (909) 607-4597.

    I lost my paycheck – can I have it reissued?
    Yes, you can request to have your lost check reissued. There will be a five-day waiting period during which we will cancel the old check and issue you a new one. If you should find the original check anytime after requesting a reissued check, you must forfeit the check to Human Resources as it is no longer valid. The bank will contact the Human Resources Office if someone tries to cash a cancelled check.

    I’m leaving early for fall/spring break. Can I get my paycheck early?
    No, we do not release paychecks before pay days. Please review the pay schedule and plan ahead for breaks.

    I won’t be on campus when my final paycheck is issued at the end of the academic year in May. Can I have it forwarded to my permanent home address?
    Yes, for your convenience, the Mailroom offers forwarding service at the end of the academic year every May. For details on how to request to have your paycheck forwarded, please contact the Mailroom at (909) 607-3827 or email the Mailroom Supervisor, Kathleen Kile, at [email protected].

    Further Assistance

    What if I still need help or have questions?
    If you have any questions or need further assistance with your timesheet, please ask your supervisor or contact Human Resources (for non-work study) or Financial Aid (for work study).