Career Support for Alumni

What is Career Development? (Something you will be doing on and off throughout your life.)

The process of finding what you want to do and then pursuing that goal can be summed up in a three-step process: gaining Clarity, taking Action and staying Motivated. You can gain personal clarity through career assessments and personal reflection. Career assessments are tools designed to help individuals understand how personal attributes (e.g. interests, values, skills, preferences, motivations, strengths, worldview) impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. This is followed by a sincere look at the world of work and occupational options. You will take action by trying on various careers through jobs and internships, and staying motivated until you find just the right fit. The resources below will help you in this process.

1. Connecting with the Pitzer Community: Networking Resources and Techniques for Alumni

A webinar designed to develop and enhance your networking skills offered by the Offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services.

Nancy Treser-Osgood, Senior Director of Alumni Relations (Former), and Brad Tharpe, Director of Career Services, present the resources for identifying Pitzer alumni and discuss the best techniques to utilize when networking with the Pitzer community. View webinar.

2.  Career Assessments (MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory and CliftonStrengths) with a Career Counselor:

Make an appointment through Handshake or call the Career Services office (909) 621-8519. Follow Alumni Registration instructions

3. Jobs and Internships…have one? Get one?

Log into Handshake. Follow Alumni Registration instructions.

Do you have a job or internship to post?
Fill out and submit the Post a job/internship form.

Internships iconFor Jobs and Internships, also check:

Zip Recruiter
Login: Pitzer   Password: Sagehens

Other helpful Internship/Job Search websites

4. Job Shadowing

Can you offer a job shadowing experience to a student? Please read the information on Winter Break Job Shadowing Program.

Resumes icon5. How-to Guides: Resume, Interviewing, Job Search and Internships

6. Graduate and Professional School

Are you considering graduate or professional school?

Check out medical and other health professions and support services to help you prepare for that profession.