Campus and Claremont Colleges Resources

Listed are some resources located right here at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges that will help you to achieve your personal and academic goals.

Pitzer College Writing Center

The website lists the center’s location, hours, and contact info. There’s also a link to Pitzer’s own composition handbook.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Nearly 75% of all Pitzer graduates have studied abroad. The Pitzer College Study Abroad Office can help you reach your destination.

Funding for Research

Fill out and turn in this form to apply for up to $250 to pursue a research project here at Pitzer.

Funding for Conference Travel

Fill out and turn in this form to apply for up to $700 to represent Pitzer at a conference.

Pitzer Green Bike Program

Sign up to borrow a bike for the semester or get your bike fixed, all for free. This program is a great way to be eco-friendly and healthy at the same time.

Libraries of The Claremont Colleges The financial backing of 7 independent academic institutions makes our library system one of the best at any liberal arts institution in the country.