Orientation Adventure

UPDATE (June 15, 2020) – Unfortunately we will not be operating the Orientation Adventure (OA) trips in August 2020 as we had planned and are a long-standing tradition at Pitzer. While we know that the OA trips are an important formative experience for new students in our community, our top priority remains the health and safety of our students. Therefore, conducting OA trips during the current COVID-19 pandemic is not feasible at this time. However, we hope that we will be able to plan an alternative to OA trips at a future date when it is safe to do so.

Orientation Adventure (OA) is the off-campus component of Pitzer’s fall new student orientation program. Student participants spend four days on excursions with 10-15 of their peers in, above, and around the Los Angeles Basin and the greater Southern California area. From surfing to activism, backpacking to rock climbing, kayaking to dabbling in LA’s food scene; the breadth of trips is intentionally broad and inclusive. Students, staff and faculty have constructed each trip to engage the College’s Community Values: Community, Diversity, Dialogue, Inquiry and Action, all while being mindful of the program’s most fundamental goal– to foster the development of meaningful relationships between new students.

All incoming students who are not New Resources Students, transfer students or exchange students are required to go on an OA trip as part of their broader orientation to Pitzer College. NRS and transfer students are highly encouraged to register to participate in the OA program. At this time an OA trip is not an option for exchange students.

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