Munroe Center for Social Inquiry

The MCSI program for Fall 2021 will have information available soon.

Event Anticipated for November 2021

The MCSI program for Spring 2021 is “The Careful Photograph”


The Director for Spring 2021 is Associate Professor of Art Tarrah Krajnak.

“The Careful Photograph,” podcast will feature the voices of nine emerging photographers of color who are challenging, subverting, and highlighting some of the problems and paradoxes of the photographic medium in our current moment.

Each episode will focus conversation around a single photograph by the artist.  What has emerged are nine episodes that can be used as a teaching tool, or a course in itself about how to look at photographs and look “with care.” Each episode ends with a praxis assignment, visual exercise, or creative prompt for listeners.


Artists Featured: Sama Alshaibi, Nydia Blas, William Camargo, Mercedes Dorame, Tommy Kha, Lorena Molina, Zora J Murff, Rafael Soldi, and Aaron Turner

First podcast release February 16th

Website for the Series:









Featured Artist: Mercedes Dorame

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Featured Artist: Aaron Turner

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Featured Artist: Sama Alshaibi

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Featured Artist: William Camargo

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Featured Artist: Lorena Molina

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Featured Artist: Zora J Murff

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Featured Artist: Nydia Blas

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Featured Artist: Tommy Kha

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Each academic year, the Ruth and Lee Munroe Center for Social Inquiry continues the pursuit of interdisciplinary learning and public inquiry embodied by the lives and service of two of Pitzer’s most distinguished and beloved professors, the late Robert “Lee” Munroe, research professor of anthropology, and the late Ruth Hagberg Munroe.