Student Engagement

At Pitzer, students are active members of college governance, making decisions on everything from academic policies, faculty and staff hiring to public art displays and building design. Here are other ways they are engaged on campus:

  • No standing executive committee may exist at Pitzer without at least one student as a member. That means that students play an active role in shaping and re-shaping the College for future generations of students.
  • Pitzer’s Student Senate is the central governing body for students, working to promote and enhance student engagement and campus life. The Student Senate protects student rights and interests, facilitates student partnership in policy-making, increases the quality of educational and academic experiences, and upholds the core values in all areas of student life.
  • Pitzer students, in consultation with architectural firms, helped design our five new residence halls, Atherton, East, Pitzer, Sanborn and West. In keeping with Pitzer’s commitment to environmental sustainability, all of our new resident halls are LEED certified for energy efficiency.  Buildings added to Pitzer’s campus in the future must receive a LEED designation of at least Silver.
  • Pitzer students assisted with the design of our Demonstration Kitchen, a professional-grade facility that sponsors evening cooking seminars and allows students to prepare food whenever they wish.
  • Pitzer students regularly participate in faculty tenure voting and work together to host three music festivals (Reggae Music & Arts Festival, Rockabilly, and Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival) on campus each year!
  • Students work to maintain the Grove House and organic gardens, and they even care for the chickens that call Pitzer home!
  • With more than 250 clubs and organizations available throughout The Claremont Colleges, there are many ways to get involved outside of class. By practicing student engagement, our students work to meet the needs of our diverse college community.
  • Every residence hall on campus has its own Hall Council consisting entirely of students. These hall councils work alongside Resident Assistants to organize, plan and host events for the residents in their buildings.
  • The Shakedown Café is an entirely student-run eatery on Pitzer’s campus. All of the food is planned, prepared and served by students.