No Single Sources 2020 Senior Thesis Virtual Art Exhibition

May 7-29, 2020
2020 Senior Thesis Virtual Art Exhibition

Nicholas Endicott, Cassie (Yizhen) Li, Izzy Manson, Grace Russell, Eliza Schmidt, Sophia Silane, Kieran Silva, Eve Sperling, Ingrid Topp-Johnson, and Nancy Xing, and Solánas Yaya

Nick Endicott

Nick Endicott is an artist by nature. His work is always changing. In the past four years, it has included animation, fashion, digital collage, video, drag, content creation for social media, oil painting, vocal performance, photography, scenic design, sculpture, event planning, and long-form comedy improvisation. In his senior thesis project, he is at last breaking into the world of e-commerce.

Nick Endicott, Coat (in progress), 2020, coat and hanger, dimensions variable


Cassie (Yizhen) Li

In her thesis project, Cassie (Yizhen) Li explores various emotions in this chaotic time through a series of non-narrative animated videos in relation to reality and augmented reality. In a reflection of the impact of technology on our daily lives and the conception of “home”, she focuses on the dramatic perspectives that address the different states of mind in relation to nature, the universe, and the internet.

Cassie (Yizhen) Li, To the X we will never get, 2020, digital video


Izzy Manson

Izzy Manson’s Senior Thesis project grew out of the artist’s personal experience of riding horses, which she did daily for all of her childhood and young adulthood. horses cannot see red explores themes of care, fear, freedom and control all of which are inherent aspects of equestrianism.

Izzy Manson, Two girls watching the filly be born, 2020, archival pigment print, 16 x 20 inches


Grace Russell

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Salvador Dali and Robert Yarber, Grace Russell’s work engages in a play between the real and the imagined. Informed by Surrealism, as well as strains of contemporary painting that employ unnatural color schemes, disorienting subject matter, and cartoonish elements, her two dimensional works present critiques of society, politics, and philosophy.

Grace Russell, Looking Forward, 2020, acrylic on four plywood panels, 48 x 60 inches


Eliza Schmidt

Eliza Schmidt is a Brooklyn born, LA-based artist interested in the confluence of art, craft, life, and sustainable design. Focusing on materiality, domestic histories, and archival practices, her work addresses global themes of climate change, utopia, belonging, and gender. Schmidt has an innate desire to listen and to tell stories, experimenting with a myriad of mediums to support the message.

Eliza Schmidt with Barbara Drake, I see the women so very very strong, 2020, digital book (detail, selected pages). Design and panoramic photographs by Eliza Schmidt


Sophia Silane

Sophia Silane’s Senior Thesis project addresses themes of permanence, control, and lack thereof in one’s home through disorienting ink drawings comprising a stop motion video. In an attempt to preserve memories, these drawings depict suburban plants and architecture, familiar and fragile visions that remain in a constant state of demolition and transformation.

Sophia Silane, Lakefront, 2020, series of 81 images (detail), ink on newsprint, stop motion


Kieran Silva

Kieran Silva’s thesis project comprises a video documenting the artist’s performance, completed in the spring of 2020 amid the COVID-19 quarantine. In the video, Kieran is seen grazing on an expanse of grass, imitating the action of mowing. Behind the artist, a slideshow displays domestic landscapes found in his family photo album, and photographs of warehouses in the eastern, industrial section of Riverside, California.

Kieran Silva, Consumed Landscape #1, 2020, iPhone video, 3:57 minutes


Eve Sperling

Pulling from a vocabulary of historical attire and interior design, Eve Sperling’s work explores the ways in which history and luxury have been displayed in the home space, and the boundaries between the living and inanimate beings that now occupy her sight in quarantine. Heavily influenced by theories of the uncanny, she casts her living spaces as disturbingly familiar sights.


Ingrid Topp-Johnson

Ingrid Topp-Johnson’s senior thesis project, As It Stands Now, diarizes and stylizes the artist’s adaptation as she returned to her childhood home in Minnesota, from her life as a student in Southern California, on the eve of her graduation. As It Stands Now, which takes the form of a downloadable PDF, is a meditation on uncertainty, messianic hope, and the role of intention in creating the self.

Ingrid Topp-Johnson, As Things Stand (for Ingrid ToppJohnson at least), 2020, digital work

Nancy Xing

Envisioned as a Digital App concept, Nancy Xing’s senior thesis project is designed to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle as they adjust to the public health requirements of social distancing due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Nancy Xing, User Research, 2020


Solánas Yaya

Solánas Yaya is a manifestor, a Trans-Atlantic Afro-Indigenous artist, botanist, poet, shapeshifter, and universe traveler. Solánas’ work focuses on bringing spirituality, healing, and a Black Indigenous Queer Femme-centric lens to the forefront of art. They work through Earth vibrational-based energies and hope to take you on a journey to their imagined commune.

Solánas Yaya, Trip to the Commune / Psilocybin, 2020, Digital Photograph