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May 7, 2020
2020 Senior Thesis Virtual Art Exhibition

Nicholas Endicott, Cassie (Yizhen) Li, Izzy Manson, Grace Russell, Eliza Schmidt, Sophia Silane, Kieran Silva, Eve Sperling, Ingrid Topp-Johnson, Nancy Xing, and Solánas Yaya


































2020 Curatorial Internship Project #4
Jessica Sass ’22: Radical Learning Beyond Incarceration

Stan Hunter, Endangered, ca. 2012, acrylic on canvas
Stan Hunter, Endangered, 2012, acrylic on canvas

For the 2020 Curatorial Internship Project #4, second-year Pitzer College student Jessica Sass presents the work of Stan Hunter, a formerly incarcerated artist who was released from a 30-year sentence in January 2019, in the virtual exhibition Radical Learning Beyond Incarceration. Examining art’s capacity to shape perception and provide incarcerated people a means of healing, Radical Learning Beyond Incarceration explores Hunter’s artistic expression as a path to confronting his trauma and understanding his own accountability. Sass’ curatorial lens channels the artist’s world view and engagement with art as a tool for rehabilitation and self-healing.

The 2020 Curatorial Internship Project #4 by Jessica Sass ’22 is the fourth chapter in the ongoing series of art exhibitions realized through the Curatorial Apprenticeship course created and taught by Ciara Ennis, PhD., Pitzer College Art Galleries Director and Pitzer College Head of Curatorial Affairs.