Max King Cap, Manifesto Workshop, 2020, detail, presented in Pitzer's First Year Seminars

Add Your Voice

“The striking commonality between artistic and political manifestos is their intention to trigger a collective rupture, and—like almost all manifestos in the past, which took the form of a group statement—assume the voice of some collective ‘we’”.

Hans Ulrich Obrist

We invite you to contribute your own manifesto, in whatever form it might take—a written statement, a performance recorded on video, an in-situ photograph of your manifesto displayed publicly, a protest song, or otherwise.

Manifestoes shared with the Galleries will be published on our Manifesto Blog and shared with the Pitzer community through our regular newsletter, as well as being featured on our social media streams. Reach us at [email protected].

We are pleased to present a video adapted from our Manifesto workshops developed by artist Max King Cap, available on YouTube.

Max King Cap, Rain Delay, 2020, Manifesto Workshop detail