David Bachman, Mathematical Anesthetics

Mathematical Anesthetics

David Bachman - Mathematical Anesthetics


David Bachman, Professor of Mathematics, Pitzer College

January 24 – February 27, 2015
Barbara Hinshaw Gallery, Grove House

Organized by Pitzer College Art Galleries

Comprising prints, flowcharts (graphical algorithms) and objects, Bachman’s work straddles the physical and mathematical world. Through translations of mathematical equations into three-dimensional models Bachman transfigures objects derived from the every day into complex and intricate forms that resemble midcentury modern aesthetics. Deploying a 3D printer, Bachman’s mathematical abstractions are produced in a variety of materials, including plastic, sandstone, ceramic and metal.

David Bachman is a Professor of Mathematics at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. He received his PhD in 1999 from the University of Texas at Austin, and has since published 16 research articles and two books on Geometry and Topology. For the last 25 years Bachman has also enjoyed a number of non-academic pursuits, from lighting design for nationally touring musical acts to building furniture. Six years ago Backman’s background in Mathematics and his affinity for working with his hands converged when he began to experiment with 3D printing and design. Since then he has created unique mathematical sculptures by using several CAD modeling packages (Rhino 3D, Grasshopper), a variety of 3D printers and a garage full of tools.