Interdisciplinary Faculty-Driven Exhibition Proposals 2023-24

“College art museums offer analytic observational skills that have applicability to the advancement of almost any liberal arts field”

JR. Stromberg, “College Art Museums As The Crossroads,” in A Handbook for Academic Museums: Beyond Exhibitions and Education, eds. Stefanie S. Jandl and Mark S. Gold (Boston: Museums Etc., 2012), 6.

The Pitzer College Art Galleries’ mandate is education and advocacy through the Pitzer College core values—social responsibility, intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary learning, student engagement, and environmental sustainability. These values are enacted through the Galleries’ exhibitions and programming, its partnerships with faculty, and its collaborations with Pitzer’s academic centers in support of student engagement across multiple disciplines.


Multidisciplinary approaches to research and teaching can provide opportunities to bridge disciplinary boundaries and to encourage the development of new forms of knowledge. To expand upon these efforts, each year the Galleries endeavor to assist one or more faculty members in developing an exhibition linked to pedagogical goals—classes, co-curricular events, and speaker series. These faculty-driven exhibitions can function as powerful instructional tools by providing alternative lenses through which a subject may be examined. Regardless of the disciplinary focus, this image- and object-based approach can improve critical observational and interpretative skills. By encouraging experimentation across disciplines, these faculty-driven exhibitions can gesture towards new ways of thinking and of transferring knowledge. These methodologies can enhance student learning and create meaningful classroom experiences.


Each year we make space for one faculty member (or team) to develop an exhibition to be used in concert with their teaching or other co-curricular events. These exhibitions take place on an annual basis during the spring semester and are usually sited in the Hinshaw Gallery, in the Grove House, from mid-February to the end of March.

Faculty-Driven Exhibitions serve the following purposes

  • Function as an extension of the classroom and expand pedagogical possibilities
  • Promote object-based learning as an innovative methodology that expands conventional pedagogy
  • Provide unique opportunities to examine diverse disciplines through the lens of exhibitions
  • Provide an alternative platform for analysis and research through observation and interpretation
  • Increase interdisciplinary efforts across campus
  • Ensure that students understand the significance of and critically engaged with material culture


This Pitzer-wide initiative is contingent on Dean of Faculty funding or Faculty Research funds.

Expression of Interest / Application Process

  • Questions regarding project development should be directed to Ciara Ennis, Director of Pitzer College Art Galleries, at [email protected].

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be limited to 500 words and include the following:

  • Rationale for the exhibition
  • How the exhibition will be linked to your classes
  • Schema for using 2- and 3-D objects (including moving images and sound) as teaching tools
  • Description of how the exhibition will enhance teaching and learning goals and further the educational mission of the college
  • 10-15 low-res images (not to exceed 1 MB each) linked to the proposed exhibition


  • Proposals should be submitted by Monday, October 2, 2023
  • Email subject line should include “Faculty-led Exhibition Proposal”
  • Send materials to Christy Johnson, Academic Programs Coordinator at [email protected] and copy: [email protected].