Olga Koumoundouros

Untitled (2018)

Dimensions variable

The waving sign says “We are a we.” It waves to the viewer, to maintenance employees, to the sign printer, to the person accompanying a friend on a class assignment. It waves to the room, to the light that meets it and filters through, to the door, to the wall, to the silverfish squeezing itself from underneath the floor molding.

I go towards the trouble because I believe the messiness is a way. It makes me cry but I’m stardust like you, they and it. And I honestly don’t know where I begin and end and believe we will survive the anthropocene and capitalism only if we embrace WE: together and different at the same time.

All the artists I invited persist after trauma, bodily struggle, putting their mind and body on the line, survivors of violence, and displacement and are resisting.

Shout outs to Rosi Braidotti, Angela Davis, Donna Haraway, bell hooks and a trillion others.