Nuttaphol Ma

I do not have much but what I do have are my body, my words, and my actions.  When woven together, these humble acts of small gestures become powerful voices of poetic resistance over the course of time.  Since 2011, I’ve taken on a lifelong project entitled The China Outpost, which I define as my nomadic sweatshop of one.  It operates within a migratory framework where I labor on transforming discarded plastic bags into threads—a material I am amassing as one of the core building materials for the eventual reconstruction of my ancestral house.

The work presented in the exhibition maps out The China Outpost’s transcontinental journey across US-Route 6, also known as “The Grand Army of the Republic Highway”.  The map details all the towns intersecting Route 6 which will become sites for the outpost’s sociocultural interventions as make-shift forums that invite passerby to open-ended conversations about migration and the labor of adapting to a new home.

Small Gestures > Poetic RESISTANCE! (2017), Mixed media on fabric, Approximately: 38 x 28 in.