Anne Bray

written for ASU in 2016 

We hereby declare our mission to end rape at Arizona State University and beyond. To do so we seek:
To clarify conditions of rape based on gender, race, class, sexuality, and ability status
To honor all identities

To respect all genders 

To believe all survivors, students or otherwise
To end slut-shaming and victim-blaming
To be proactive rather than reactive

To recognize that rape is not about desire, but about power

To affirm that sex is an active and consensual choice between partners

To remind everyone that no one is entitled to sex

To promote healthy relationships

To value love over fear 
To transform attitudes about equality, justice, and relationships
To target dominant cultural forces that shape gender roles, relationships, and power dynamics
To utilize the power of difference in order to envision equality
To condemn sexual predators and ensure they have no place on campus
To investigate all rape cases fairly

To foster a campus environment in which everyone feels safe
To seek justice for all survivors through community support and systemic change

To hold our university accountable in regard to sexual violence
To end sexual violence and domination