Andrew Bracey

DO (2017), Digital print on paper


All of ‘this’ may be getting too much. 

We live in a world where we can access everything, from the most horrendous terrorist attack to the latest celebrity breakup, financial meltdown, housing crisis, thoughts of a president, natural disaster or last meal someone we barely know has eaten. How can we deal with all this information, this choice?

It appears to me that we have a fundamental decision to make of how we do deal with ‘this’. 

We can tune off, remove ourselves from it all. 

We can continue the culture that responds with ‘like’ and ‘OMG’ and ‘!’ and ????. .

Or we can DO.


Whatever ‘it’ may be. The important thing is that there is an empowered alternative to tuning out or passively responding from our keyboards or phones. We can be active. We can do things, however big or small. We are amazing, we must remember that.