Presentation Skills

Oral presentation skills are essential in many occupations and settings. The following links will help you to develop your ability to deliver good oration, powerpoint presentations, or poster presentations.

Why? How? Prove it.
A step-by-step guide to designing a great presentation.

Leadership presentation skills.
A guide for improving your presentation skills.

The art of speech making.
Tips for public speaking and information on various courses in this area.

Powerpoint zen.
From; tips on creating effective powerpoint slides.

The problem with Powerpoint.
From; criticisms of Powerpoint and discusses its overuse.

Poetry reading.
Two articles from that provide tips on reading your poetry in public.
Why You Should Perform Your Poetry
Poetry Performance Anxiety

Using overhead projectors.
From PLU; pros and cons of using overhead projectors and tip for giving effective presentations.

Using slide projectors.
From PLU; pros and cons of using slide projectors and tips for giving effective presentations.