List of Prior Events

Event Year Offered
Lunches, Afternoon Teas, Workshops, and Presentations
Making the Most of Your Relationships with Professors and Advisers (lunch panel with and for students) 2012-13
Panel on Students with Disabilities (lunch panel for faculty and staff) 2012-13
Federal Educations Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Training (lunch discussion with faculty and staff) 2012-13
Presentation and Panel on Information Literacy (co-presented with faculty and librarians) 2012-13
Universal Design for Learning (lunch discussion with faculty and staff) 2012-13
Education for Sustainability: Practical Means for Utopian Ends (Lunch Discussion) 2010-11
Team Teaching (Afternoon Tea) 2010-11
Graduate Fellowship Opportunities (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Using Wikis in the Clasroom (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Getting Students to Participate: Using Clickers in the Classroom (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Teaching Strategies vs. Learning Outcomes: Embracing a Pedagogical Shift in Teaching (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Thinking Ahead: A Forum on Course Planning (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Strategic Planning Forum on Pedagogy (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Sustainability at Pitzer (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Syllabus Planning Workshop for Faculty (Workshop) 2008-09
CCCSI Workshop on Teaching Social Responsibility (Workshop) 2008-09
Meet the TLC (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Workshop on Community-based Research (Workshop) co-sponsored by CCCSI 2008-09
What Happened to Scott Hall Lawn? (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Students in distress: Recognizing mental health issues (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
You say namaste, I say dumela: Reflections from global-local programs in India and Botswana (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Pitzer’s Outback as a learning resource (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Marratech remote site conferencing software (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Graduate Fellowship Opportunities (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
What academics can learn from beginning acting (Workshop) 2007-08
Junior Faculty Seminar Series (Workshop) 2007-08
Embracing Ethnic and Gender Diversity in an Academic Environment (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Majors Fair (Presentation) 2006-07
New Resources Student Workshop (Workshop) 2006-07
Academic Advising part 2 (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Academic Honesty (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Academic Advising part 1 (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Student-led Discussion on Teaching and Learning at Pitzer (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Encouraging Reflective Thinking (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Our Basic Aims as Teachers (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Sponsored Events
Support for Majors Dinners Since 2007
Junior Faculty Lunches Since 2009
New Faculty Meeting Program 2007-10, 2012-present
Write on Site Program for Pretenure Faculty Since 2012
Course-specific Activities Varies by semester
Inaugural Claremont Splash (a 5-C student-run activity/outreach to high school students) 2013-14
Conference of Small Liberal Arts Colleges Writing Programs (co-funded by TLC) 2013-14
Claremont Journal of International Relations (a 5-C student-run journal) 2013-14
Graduate Fellowship Information Session (panel discussion with students, faculty, and staff) 2012-13
Global-Local Discussion and Meeting with Prof. Blaise Scarnathy (with faculty and staff) 2012-13
The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century with Prof. Jeff Isaac (with faculty and students) 2012-13
CCCSI – A Faculty Conversation on Social Responsibility & Community Engagement at Pitzer College 2009-10
Study Abroad/International Programs Info Session for New Faculty 2009-10
Psychology Advising Pizza Night 2009-10
Pitzer Open Studios Student Exhibition 2009-10
Senior Art Show Opening and Reception 2008-09
Women in Math Dinner 2008-09
International Food Origins 2008-09
Dinner for Exchange Students 2008-09
Women of color book discussion group 2008-09
Pre-Renewal Dinner for 1st-3rd year faculty 2008-09
Tasty interactions at the Grove House during advising days 2007-10