Developing Student Writing

There are many who are in the opinion that writing should be developed across the college curriculum. The following articles address this issue and provide insight on how teachers can help students improve their writing.

Pitzer College Writing Center

Faculty are encouraged to direct their students here to get help on all aspects of writing.

Additional Resources

  • Writing for learning This article, by Peter Elbow of U. Mass Amherst, distinguishes between asking students to write to show that they know how to write and asking students to write to show that they’ve learned a topic or concept.
  • Ideas for teaching writing A list of 30 ideas (with explanations) for teaching writing.
  • Bibliography of writing across the curriculum This website at Indiana Univ. Bloomington contains an annotated bibliography of articles on writing across the curriculum.
  • Grading written assignments This short document provides several tips on tackling student writing assignments.