Critical Thinking

Foundation for Critical Thinking

This link, which focuses on helping college students to think critically, is but a small section of a larger website devoted to issues of critical thinking (and to selling its products).

Argument Mapping

This website is designed to help you develop better arguments.

“Critical Thinking: What it is and Why it Counts.”

A link to a pdf file of an article by Peter Facione on critical thinking.

The Internet Detective

A website that presents the caveats of relying on internet sources for information in writing papers and doing research.

Additional Resources

“A Field Guide to Critical Thinking.” An essay by Prof. James Lett which adapts the scientific method to evidential reasoning.

“The Path to Critical Thinking.” A short guide from the Harvard Business School on using critical thinking in decision-making.

Stephen’s Guide to Logical Fallacies. A list of fallacies to avoid in our quest to become critical thinkers.

Best Practices for Understanding Quantitative Data An article on how to think critically about quantitative data