Available Resources

The following is a list of resources that are available here at the College for faculty to utilize and enhance their teaching. The TLC hopes to gradually add to this list in the future. We would appreciate any suggestions for resources to purchase or to implement. Please email the TLC with your suggestions.

Video Seminars and Tutorials

  • Using Doodle.com to Schedule Advising Appointments. This is a quick, four minute video tutorial on how to use the website doodle.com to electronically schedule advising appointments.
  • Balancing Challenge and Support in Undergraduate Teaching by Dr. Ike Shibley. This is a CD-ROM that can be checked out from the Office of Audio Visual Services on the basement level of McConnell Center. It contains a video seminar on “how you can empower students to grow and solve problems independently, while providing the necessary support to help them stay on track.” (magnapubs.com)
  • Using H-ITT Clickers in Your Teaching. Clickers (a.k.a. personal response systems) are a great way to actively engage every one of the students in your class. A set of clickers is available for faculty use here at Pitzer College through the Office of Audio Visual Services. To reserve the clickers, send an email to Victor Milhon-Martin and indicate the date, start time, end time, and location (e.g. classroom number) you would like to have the clickers delivered to. A staff member from AV Services will deliver the clickers to your class and pick them up after your class is over. A short (22 min) video tutorial on using the clickers can be viewed by clicking here or on the title link above.
  • The College has a one year subscription to Magnapubs.com’s “20 Minute Mentor Commons.” This is a collection of nearly 50 short video seminars on various topics related to pedagogy and teaching. Many of these video seminars are accompanied by downloadable slides, notes, and supplemental materials that are equally helpful. Our institutional license is good until May 2013. At that time we will evaluate whether the videos were utilized by the Pitzer community and whether it would be advantageous to renew our subscription. Our license agreement prohibits us from posting the access instructions online. If you are a member of the Pitzer community, please send an email requesting access to [email protected] (just copy and past the following text into your email: “Hello, I am writing to request access to the 20 Minute Mentors”). The email must come from a pitzer.edu address.