Active Learning

Active learning has made a big comeback since Socrates popularized it around 490 BC. The following links provide information on various techniques for anyone seeking to incorporate active learning in their classroom.

Introduction to active learning.
A good introduction to active learning by Bonwell and Eison.

Active learning for the college classroom.
This website provides several examples of active learning strategies.

Active learning summaries.
This webpage contains summaries and a bibliography of articles written on active learning.

Nontraditional teaching and learning strategies.
A pdf document by Pamela Harris & Ralph Johnson of Montana State University that discusses various strategies for teaching and learning.

Specific Methods of Active Learning

The Socratic method and beyond.
An article that discusses the ages old technique and its applicability to various disciplines.

Using the Socratic method in the classroom.
A pdf of an article with tips on using this method in one’s teaching.

Case Studies.
A website by Waterman and Stanley on using case-based learning in the classroom.

Case studies in science.
A website with information on incorporating case studies in science teaching.

The one-minute paper.
This website provides both long and short descriptions of this technique.

A short pdf document from Penn. State Univ. on this active learning technique.

Personal response systems.
An article on the use of “clickers” in a microeconomics class.

Links on clickers.
A website with many links to other websites on the use of personal response systems in education.

Teaching with discussions.
Here are two articles (article 1 and article 2) from the Univ. of Chicago on engaging students during class.

National Service Learning Clearinghouse.
This website is a vast resource for finding opportunities and learning more about service learning.