Bingxing Zhou '15

Learning on a First-Name Basis

Allow me to introduce you to Bingxing Zhou ’15. She captures the heart of everyone she meets with her warm smile, genuine kindness and passion for learning. I had the opportunity to sit down with her recently and discuss the last four years she has spent as a student at Pitzer.

Bingxing travelled quite a long distance to get to Claremont—all the way from Shanghai, China, in fact. She laughs as she explains how she fell in love with Pitzer and, perhaps more importantly, the California lifestyle. She loves the warm weather. She loves the friendly and outgoing students. She loves the community commitment to social and environmental justice. She especially loves how professors prefer to be called by their first names.

Bingxing Zhou ’15
Bingxing Zhou ’15

When asked about her favorite class, she fondly recalls her Economics Senior Seminar, where she got to work with other economics majors at Pitzer. She says Professor of Economics Linus Yamane went beyond just talking about how global finances and markets function, and encouraged students to think critically about the real world implications of economics. The “Pitzer-style education,” as she affectionately refers to it, offers a student the chance to think outside the box about the material being taught.

“Yamane always encouraged us to apply life experience to the books we read,” Bingxing says. “And when he encouraged us to think outside the box, he laid out the basic economic theories first to make sure we understand what has been going on in the box.”

How does Bingxing hope to apply what she has learned at Pitzer? After graduation, she wants to work for an education-based NGO, and feels her background in economics will provide a framework for better understanding society and the needs of individuals. She expressed deep concern about the global problem of income inequality, and hopes that her future career will provide the opportunity to work on this issue at a grassroots level.

Bingxing is a shining example of what it means to be a student at Pitzer College. She is endlessly enthusiastic in her ambition to change the world, and I have no doubt she will be able to do it.

—Chance Kawar ’17