• Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Environmental Analysis Fellowships for Summer Research

    Supports domestic or international summer research projects

    • Zoe Elkin ’15
    • Karina Faulstich ’15
    • Robert Little ’15

    Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

    Provides up to $5,000 for American students to pursue overseas study for college credit

    • Braden Bernards ’15

    The Claremont Colleges Library Undergraduate Research Award

    Celebrates the undergraduate research process

    • Braden Bernards ’15

    Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs

    Trains students to be leaders during a nine-month program in one of five US cities

    Davis Projects for Peace Award

    Supports undergraduates’ efforts to foster peace around the world

    • Robert Little ’15
    • Lauren Phipps ’15

    Fulbright Fellows 2015-16

    Increases mutual understanding between the people of the US and other countries

    • Tassos Bareiss ’15
    • Braden Bernards ’15
    • Adrian Brandon ’15
    • Andrew Buitron ’15
    • Nour Bundogji ’15
    • Laura Gabriel ’15
    • Lindsay Galeste ’15
    • Miriam [Molly] Goldfarb ’15
    • Matt Hollander ’15
    • Ashton Hoselton ’15
    • Susan Klein ’15
    • Maria Krol-Sinclair ’15
    • Robert Little ’15
    • Nicholas Morton ’15
    • Sophia Rehmus ’15
    • Isabel Semler ’15
    • Maeve Williams ’15
    • Danielle Wilson ’15

    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship

    Supports highly qualified undergraduate students’ research or internships in Germany

    • Braden Bernards ’15

    Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Awards

    Pairs JET fellows with teachers in Japan to teach English and increase mutual understanding between the US and Japan

    • Emma Hanashiro ’15
    • Hannah Levy ’15
    • Jasmine Ortlieb ’15
    • Kirsten Simons ’15
  • Kemper Scholar

    Awards academic excellence by providing a three-year undergraduate scholarship and funds for summer internships and conference participation

    • Alexander Rosario ’15

    Newman Civic Fellow

    Recognizes student leaders dedicated to finding solutions for challenges facing their communities

    • Maria Rodriguez ’15

    Princeton in Asia Fellowship

    Gives college graduates the opportunity to serve in a variety of fields in Asia and builds understanding between the US and Asian nations

    • Maria Krol-Sinclair ’15

    Project Horseshoe Farm

    Prepares top recent college graduates to become leaders in health and education through community outreach

    • Margaret “Mari” Pettibone ’15

    Robert Day Scholars

    Teaches students how to navigate complex organizations through coursework and leadership activities

    • Rachel Aronoff ’15
    • Braden Bernards ’15

    Sierra Club Outdoor Youth Ambassador

    Matches young adults with a passion for the environment with community outreach programs that focus on outdoor experiences

    • Isabel “Izzy” Weisz ’15

    USA Pavilion Student Ambassador in Korea

    Promotes interaction between student ambassadors and USA Pavilion guests

    • Joshua Grisé ’15

    US Department of State Critical Language Enhancement Award

    Promotes cross-cultural exchange and dialogue by giving select US Student Fulbright Program participants intensive language instruction

    • Braden Bernards ’15
    • Maria Krol-Sinclair ’15

    US Department of State Critical Language Scholarships

    Expands the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages

    • Emma Hanashiro ’15
    • Anh Tran ’15