Pitzer Direct Enroll – ISEP Direct: University of Technology Sydney

Open to Pitzer students only. Program options subject to change.

Program Title: ISEP Direct: University of Technology Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Host Website: ISEP University of Technology Sydney
University Website: University of Technology Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Students must be in good standing at Pitzer College. ISEP requires students to have a 2.5 or higher GPA. Preference given to juniors and first semester seniors but qualified sophomores are eligible if space is available.

At least one area studies course is strongly recommended before departure. Other general preparation options include: Culture and Society, Intercultural Communications, Introduction to International/Intercultural Studies, Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

Students must first apply through Pitzer’s Office of Study Abroad and International Programs. If accepted by Pitzer, students will complete the ISEP Direct application. If accepted by ISEP, students will then complete the University application.

Program Dates
Fall semester/Semester 2: July to November
Spring semester/Semester 1: mid-February to the end of June
Full year/Semester 1 & 2: mid-February to November (recommended sequence for southern hemisphere full year courses)

Required Courses
Participants are expected to take one course while abroad that includes content on Australian history, politics, literature or culture, and the Pitzer course MLLC110 Intercultural Learning: Portfolio Writing via Sakai.

Intensive Language
Not applicable.

Before exploring the UTS Handbook, students will find it helpful to review the Study Abroad Study Plans and Subject page. This provides an overview of how the UTS subjects work, and provides Subject Guides, by major study area, that list popular subjects and their academic levels. The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Subjects as a Study Abroad and Exchange Student is also available from this site.

Recommended course designed specifically for study abroad students at UTS:
99200 Intercultural Communication covers aspects of transitioning between cultures, developing intercultural conflict, managing intercultural conflict, Communication in the intra-Australian context including indigenous Sydney Excursion and working and communicating in a globalized world.

Students must have course flexibility, as registration for specific courses cannot be guaranteed.

Credit Possible
Pitzer students must take 24 UTS credit points which is the equivalent of 4 Pitzer course credits. In addition, students will earn 0.5 Pitzer course credits for the writing course via Sakai. (See above under Required Courses.)

Housing and Board Options
Students live in shared apartments or studio apartments. Meals are self-catered.

Additional  Notes
There is a limit of two Pitzer students per semester.