Information for Faculty

We encourage Pitzer students to work with their faculty advisers early in their academic career to determine how a semester of study abroad will best fit into their overall educational plan. With early planning and advising, students in any major can have the opportunity to study abroad.

Advising and Application Process

For Pitzer students, the advising and application process begins with a Study Abroad Information Session and includes a meeting with a study abroad adviser, their academic adviser, and an interview with a student who has recently participated in the program. A Faculty Adviser Approval Form and one or more Academic Recommendations are also part of the Study Abroad Application. Visit the How to Apply for Pitzer Students page of our website for more information.

  • Application Due Date for Pitzer Students

    There are two due dates for approved semester study abroad programs and exchanges. There is one due date for non-approved semester programs. Summer programs have their own due dates. Fall applications for most programs, and all applications for non-approved programs, are due by the November application due date. Spring applications for approved programs are due by the March application due date. On occasion we accept late applications for a select list of programs advertised in advance.

    In order for the student’s application to be complete the Adviser Approval and all Academic Recommendations must be submitted. The Office of Study Abroad and International Programs will not penalize students if the Adviser Approval and Pitzer Academic Recommendation arrive the week after the Pitzer application due date. Application dates set by host institutions for their recommendations may not be flexible.

  • Adviser Approval Forms

    A Faculty Adviser Approval Form signed by the student’s academic adviser is part of the Study Abroad Application. For students applying to a non-approved program we ask each adviser to explain why they believe the non-approved program best meets an essential educational need for their advisee. Your student should research the available courses and bring the Adviser Approval form to you for discussion then return the completed signed form to our office. A copy of the form is also available here for your convenience.

    Pitzer College Study Abroad – Adviser Approval

  • Academic Recommendations

    One or more Academic Recommendations from a faculty member who has taught the student in at least one college level class is required for Pitzer students applying to study abroad. The faculty member does not need to be from Pitzer College.

    Pitzer Recommendations
    The Pitzer College Study Abroad Application requires one recommendation on the Pitzer College Study Abroad Academic Recommendation form. All that is required is for faculty to check the circles on the front of the form and sign it. Comments on the back side of the form are helpful to the review committee and are appreciated. Your student should print the form, sign the student confidentiality waiver (if applicable) and bring the form to you.  A copy of this form is also available here for your convenience.

    Pitzer College Study Abroad – Academic Recommendation

    Pitzer recommendations may be given to the student in a sealed signed envelope for the student to deliver to our office or faculty may bring the form to our office, put the form in campus mail to us, put the form in our mail box A-109 in Scott Hall, mail it to us, scan and email a signed copy to us or email the form to us directly from their Pitzer faculty email account to  We will accept the student’s confidentiality waiver signature on a separate form.

    ISEP Exchange Recommendations and Letters of Reference
    In addition to the Pitzer recommendation, ISEP requires students applying to an ISEP Exchange program get an ISEP Academic Reference. Your student will enter their confidentiality preference, your name and email into the on line ISEP application to send you a link to the ISEP reference for you to complete.

    Program Specific Recommendations and Letters of Reference
    After students submit their Pitzer College Study Abroad Applications and are accepted by the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs some study abroad programs and exchanges will require them to submit program specific applications. Applications required by the host institutions may include requests for additional recommendations and/or letters of reference. Your student should provide the program specific links, forms and instructions. In many cases, the items may be returned to our office for us to forward with the student’s host institution application.

  • After Acceptance

    Declaring a Major
    The Major Declaration Form (available  at must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by mid-term of the first semester of a student’s junior year. Students who will be juniors while studying abroad must declare their major before participation or they will not be allowed to register for the following semester’s courses from abroad.  Students studying abroad on a fall or full year program are require to declare by March 1 of the prior semester. Students studying abroad in the spring are require to declare by October 1 of the prior semester.


Thank you for advising students, writing recommendations and letters, and contributing to the success of their study abroad experience. If you have questions about study abroad or particular programs, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs.