International Exchanges – Ghana

This program is no longer available for Pitzer students. Please contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs.

Open to Pitzer students only. Program options subject to change.

Program Title: Pitzer/ISEP Exchange with the University of Ghaghana-legonna

Location: Legon (a suburb of the capital city Accra),Ghana

Host Website: ISEP: University of Ghana
Global Engagement Program (in English)

Students must be in good standing at Pitzer College. ISEP requires students to have a 2.75 or higher GPA. Students must have junior or senior status at the time of participation.

At least one African area studies course is strongly recommended before departure. Other general preparation options include: Comparative Politics, Intercultural Communications, Introduction to International/ Intercultural Studies, Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

The Pitzer College Study Abroad Application, the ISEP on-line application and the University of Ghana application (link under Special Application Information on the program web page) are all due by the Pitzer application due date.

Program Dates
Fall Semester: Late August to December/January
Spring Semester: Mid January to May

Required Course
Participants are expected to take one course while abroad that includes content on history, politics, literature or culture of Ghana, and the Pitzer course MLLC110 Intercultural Learning: Portfolio Writing via Sakai.

Intensive Language
A Twi language course is offered in the fall semester and is required of all participants. The course is not offered in the spring so students are encouraged to study abroad in the fall to take advantage of this option.

Independent Study
See a Study Abroad Adviser.

Course Options
The most appropriate fields of study are African studies, geography and resource development, agriculture, and social sciences. One of the university’s objectives is to ensure that its students have an understanding of world affairs, in particular of the histories, institutions and cultures of African civilizations. To meet this objective, a program in African studies is offered as an integral part of all Bachelor’s programs.

Visit the ISEP website shown above and select ‘Website for Course Availability.’

Credit Possible
Students must take the equivalent of a full course load at the university to equal four courses at Pitzer. Credit amounts vary for each class so students may be enrolled in anywhere from 4-6 classes. In addition to a full course load at the university, students will earn 0.5 Pitzer course credits for the writing course via Sakai. (See above under Required Courses.)

Housing and Board Options
Students are housed in the university residence halls. A stipend is provided by ISEP to cover meals.

Additional Notes
Students should note that odd-numbered courses are offered in the fall semester and even-numbered courses are offered in the spring semester. Students whose field of study is in the sciences should note that due to limited resources, lab-based courses are unavailable. Curriculum for science courses is largely theory based.The chance of placement is limited.