Exchange Programs

University of Birmingham, Birmingham, EnglandA strong commitment to cultural immersion guides all of Pitzer’s study abroad options including our exchange programs overseas and in the US. A key goal of an exchange program is to allow a Pitzer student to take part in the academic life of another culture while an international student becomes part of the Pitzer campus community. If you choose to participate on one of the exchange programs, you take classes at the host university or its language institute and live in housing that is typical for local students.

Exchange Program Content and Design
The offerings of each exchange program will vary by location, and you are advised to research the programs you are considering carefully. Provided you meet language requirements, you will choose from regular university courses but are typically limited to one or two fields of study within a semester.

Language Requirements
Most exchange programs require that you already have a high intermediate to advanced skill level in the host country language (2 to 4 semesters of college level instruction). Some exchanges provide a brief refresher language course at the beginning of the term or have weekly language tutoring support. In most cases, you will be enrolled in regular courses offered by the host university, taught in the host country language.

Directed Independent Study Projects
Exchange participants are highly encouraged to conduct a directed independent study project, with a particular focus of learning about the host culture. You must arrange the project in advance through the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs and work with a Claremont Colleges faculty member who is willing to help you develop your project, guide you while overseas and evaluate your work.

Reflective Writing
Students on exchanges are strongly encouraged to keep a fieldbook. Since writing is one of the deepest and most precise records of experience and an activity that both generates and reflects learning, Study Abroad advisers can provide you with suggestions on ways to incorporate reflective writing into your exchange experience.

The mosque in Ankara, TurkeyHousing Arrangements
Each exchange program offers different housing options. Wherever possible, Pitzer College requires you to live with a local family or in a dormitory with students from the host culture. Having daily contact with members of the host culture is a crucial factor in developing more meaningful personal relationships. Living with native speakers of the host language also accelerates your mastering foreign language skills and provides beneficial insights into the host culture.

Health and Safety
Helping you stay healthy and safe while abroad is a priority for Pitzer. We ask you to pay careful attention to health and safety guidelines in pre-departure materials and during orientation sessions.

Disabilities or Special Needs
Pitzer College is committed to supporting students with disabilities whenever possible. We strongly encourage students with disabilities or special needs to meet with a member of the Office of Study Abroad staff to discuss their specific requirements.  All students are required to complete the Declaration of Disability or Special Needs in their acceptance packet. The ability of Pitzer College, the exchange host institution, or the program sponsor to offer reasonable accommodations during study abroad will vary from program to program and is addressed on a case-by-case basis.