International Exchanges – Bhutan

Open to Pitzer students only. Program options subject to change.

Program Title: Pitzer Exchange with Royal Thimphu College

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Host Website:

Students must be in good standing at Pitzer College and have 2.0 or higher GPA. Preference is given to juniors and first semester seniors but sophomores are eligible if space is available.

At least one area studies course on Asia: history, politics, literature, or international relations is strongly recommended. Additional recommended preparation: Language, Culture and Society; Intercultural Communications; Introduction to International/Intercultural Studies; Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology.

Students must first apply through Pitzer’s Office of Study Abroad and International Programs. If accepted by Pitzer, students will then be asked to complete the Royal Thimphu College application.

Program Dates
Fall Semester: Late July – December
Spring Semester: February – June
Full Year: February – December

Required Courses
Students are required to take a Dzongkha language class, at least one course that include content on Bhutan history, politics, literature or culture, the Pitzer course MLLC110 Intercultural Learning: Portfolio Writing via Sakai and complete an internship. RTC Course Catalogue

Intensive Language
Dzongkha language courses are available at elementary, intermediate or advanced levels.

Academic Notes
This program is ideally suited for majors in Environmental Analysis or Sociology. Students can receive credit toward these majors.

Independent Study
See a Study Abroad Adviser.

Credit Possible
Students must take a course load of 54 Bhutanese credits in order to earn 4.0 course credits at Pitzer.

1 Dzongkha Language class – 12 credits
1 Internship – 18 credits
2 Classes at 12 credits each – 24 credits

In addition, students will earn 0.5 Pitzer course credits for the writing course via Sakai. (See above under Required Courses.)

Housing and Board Options
Students live in dorms with Bhutanese students.  Students eat in the school dining hall and receive a small stipend from Pitzer for supplementary food.