Additional Reading Materials about Nepal

Lynn Bennett

Chapters 1-3 of Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sister

Sex and Motherhood among the Brahmins and Chhetris of East-Central Nepal

The Wives of the Rishis

Michael Hutt

Being Nepali without Nepal: Reflections on a South Asian Diaspora

Pradhan & Subba

Rajendra Pradhan: Ethnicity, caste and a pluralist society

T.B. Subba: Nepal and the Indian Nepalis

Study Questions: Prahdan and Subba Articles

Linda Stone

Concepts of Illness and Curing in a Central Nepal Village

Food Symbolism in Hindu Nepal

Suitably Modern

Chapter 2: Modern Nepali History and the Rise of the Middle Class

Chapter 3: Middle Class Consciousness: “Hanging Between the High and the Low”

Chapter 4: Consumer Culture in Kathmandu: “Playing with Your Brain”

Chapter 5: “Doing Fashion” in Kathmandu: Class and the Consumer Public