The Executive Board

Tejaswin Widjonarko

Tejaswin Widjonarko ’20

Tejas Widjonarko is a sophomore from Indonesia studying financial economics. He chose to become President of PISA because he believes that, despite the number of international students growing at Pitzer each year, the difficulties faced by these students in adapting into a new country and culture remains the same. As president, he strives to develop activities and events for international students in order to aid them in adjusting with life in the United States, while also connecting them with the diverse cultures found in the Claremont Colleges. His goal is to build a strong network of international students that help one another in becoming successful during their time at Pitzer and beyond. He also tends to be surprisingly funny in his free time.

Noel Chen

Noel Chen ’18

Noel Chen grew up in Shanghai, China. Although her family comes from Hong Kong and Taiwan, she does not resonate with any culture entirely. Noel likes teaching and considers herself somewhat of a music connoisseur. Her idea life would be to live by the beach with two dogs!

Jiwoo Yoon

Jiwoo Yoon ’21

Jiwoo Yoon is a freshman from South Korea and is the secretary of PISA. Being a first year, she found PISA to be especially helpful, because it enabled her to make valuable connections with the peers, faculty, and alumni of the Claremont Colleges and become part of this inclusive community. As a PISA volunteer she hopes to share these invaluable experiences with everyone!

Owen Wang

Owen Wang ’20

Owen Wang is a sophomore studying Science and Management at Keck Science Department. As the treasurer, Owen is in charge of the financial management for this organization and is responsible for helping the community members with funding requests. He describes PISA as where you start connecting with the world.

Luyi Huang

Luyi Huang ’19
International Representative

Luyi Huang is junior from China, studying Environmental Analysis with a focus on Sustainability and Build Environment. She is the international representative under student senate for the 2017-2018 academic year. Prior to that, she has held the position of secretary and treasurer of PISA. In addition to PISA, she also works for Robert Environmental Center at Claremont Mckenna College, Hixon Center for Environmental Design at Harvey Mudd College, and the Grove House at the Pitzer College. Durian Ice Cream is her favorite snack.

Iris Shi

Iris Shi ’21
Activities Planner

Iris Shi is a freshmen from China and an activities organizer at PISA. She founded her own international club in high school and really enjoyed working and meeting with other international students. She believes that everyone has different backgrounds, which helps people bring up new “knowledge” from life experiences. This variety is the reason Iris wants be part of PISA in college, and she wishes everyone to come together and share their unique cultural experiences as a community.

Zale Lin

Zale Lin ’20
Activities Planner

Zale Lin is a sophomore from China studying computer science with a minor on economics, and is an activities organizer at PISA. He believes that he is one of the coolest international students in PISA. He is here to help international students to build up their network in Pitzer and have fun together.

Giang Nguyen

Giang Nguyen ’20
Fall 2017 President

While serving as the president of the club last semester, Giang Nguyen appreciated PISA as a family where everyone, especially the board members, were equally dedicated, understanding, and always got each other’s back when it came to the balance between the club’s activities and other parts in our daily lives.