• Joshua Tree Boulder Trekking

Pitzer International Student Association

The Pitzer International Student Association (PISA) supports international students with finding a community among peers who come from all around the world. This organization provides cultural activities, off-campus retreats, and a space for students to explore their international identities. PISA also serves as a resource to develop a strong network with other like-minded students.

Mentor Program
Through this program, Pitzer international upperclassmen provide mentorship to incoming freshmen of similar backgrounds to help support them during their transition as new students to the United States. These mentors provide a network for new students to safely explore the academic and cultural environments of the American college life, with the goal of finding success in adjusting to both.

We have hosted numerous events focused on helping international students network and find communities with other like-minded people through various opportunities. These range from campus-based activities such as sushi night or karaoke night, to larger excursions such as overnight trips to the beaches of Santa Monica and the deserts of Joshua Tree. All Pitzer students who identify as international are welcome to participate in our events. PISA officers plan events generally once every other week which are free of charge for those who RSVP.