Orientation Handbooks

Congratulations! You have been approved for Study Abroad. Now that you have been accepted for study abroad, a new phase begins – preparing to go. There will be many things to organize and forms to complete but the effort will be well worth it to find yourself studying abroad next semester. To help you keep track of tasks you need to complete in the months and weeks leading up to your departure, we have created handbooks that are updated each semester. All Pitzer students and guest students on Pitzer programs receive these handbooks at orientation. Parents, faculty and study abroad advisers are welcome to view handbooks for the most recent semester on-line or download them for reference.

Students must observe the deadlines for the Pitzer acceptance paperwork or risk paying late fees or becoming ineligible for certain programs. Students should check their Pitzer College study abroad portal to stay current.

Pitzer Programs Handbooks

These handbooks provide specific information for each Pitzer program with necessary details for your planning such as: program dates, immunizations, visa information, credit and fees, etc.

Summer 2019

Costa Rica Summer Health Program – May 26 to July 7
Costa Rica Summer Health Handbook 2019

Pitzer in Brazil Summer Program – May 26 to July 6
Brazil Handbook 2019

Pitzer in Vietnam Summer Program – May 25 to July 6
Pitzer in Vietnam Handbook 2019

Fall 2019

Pitzer in Costa Rica – August 31 to December 14
Costa Rica Handbook FA19

Pitzer in Ecuador – August 14 to December 19
Ecuador Handbook FA19

Pitzer in Italy – September 2 to December 16
Italy Handbook FA19

Pitzer In Nepal – August 3 to December 14
Nepal Handbook FA19

Pitzer in Southern Africa – August 4 to December 14
Southern Africa Handbook FA19