Cost of Study Abroad for Students from Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pomona and Scripps Colleges

Are you interested in study abroad but not sure you can afford to go?

Most non-Pitzer students can apply their financial aid to study abroad programs. Students may also apply for grants and scholarships from outside sources.


For study abroad programs offered during the academic year by Pitzer College, students from the other Claremont Colleges will pay for participation as directed by their home college. The comprehensive fees include: tuition, room, board, round-trip airline ticket from Los Angeles, required, course-related trips, evacuation insurance through the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), a transcript, as well as the overall cost of providing and supporting study abroad at Pitzer College.

In order to hold a student’s place upon acceptance to the program, a student must return the acceptance documents by the deadlines indicated on the acceptance letter and will understand that a non-refundable $500 deposit is being guaranteed on their behalf by their home college. Should a student withdraw prior to participation and after accepting a place on the program after May 15 for fall and full year programs or after November 15 for spring programs, Pitzer will bill their home college for this amount. Students will be liable for repaying this amount directly to their home college. Students may also incur additional withdrawal penalties from their home college.

Program fees, charges and expenses, are paid in U.S. dollars to Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Students will make payment for Pitzer programs as directed by their home college.

Additional Costs

Students may be responsible for additional travel expenses if they request special itineraries or make late arrangements. (See the information on Airfare below.) Students may be charged additional fees for some courses and/or field trips, lab fees, art fees, optional field trips, etc.

Student Expenses

Some costs connected with overseas studies are NOT included in the fees paid to Pitzer and should be considered in the student’s budget planning. Expenses that are the student’s responsibility include the following:

  • fees for a passport and student visa
  • medical insurance coverage while abroad (required)
  • the medical exam required prior to participation
  • the dental exam recommended prior to participation
  • immunizations recommended for participation
  • photographs
  • additional airfare costs incurred for special itineraries
  • travel expenses to and from the airport (bus, taxi, train, etc.) either in the US or in the host country
  • cost of housing and meals before or after the program or during school break periods or independent travel
  • textbooks
  • housing or damage deposits (these will be refunded to you at the end of the program if you do not cause any damage)
  • expenses for items or services that are not typically provided on the program but to which students may be accustomed (e.g. telephones in rooms, email/internet access, access to computer labs, gymnasium and sports facilities, etc.)
  • field trips that are not a required part of a course
  • expenses for items that are not covered in fees paid to Pitzer (e.g. books, personal entertainment, toiletries, long distance phone charges, laundry charges, independent travel during school breaks, etc.).
  • Fees for travelers checks, ATM fees, or conversion fees charged by credit card companies

Regardless of what type of insurance students have, they will almost always have to pay cash upfront at clinics and hospitals abroad. Students should collect the receipts for all expenses and submit them to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Students are advised to be attentive to a difference in the cost of living and the exchange rate and the impact that it will have on their budget.


Pitzer provides each non-Pitzer study abroad participant a round-trip airline ticket for travel from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, (depending upon the location of your home school), or an equivalent priced airport, to the international airport nearest to the program site for exact dates of the program. Students are REQUIRED to book their flights with the travel agent designated by Pitzer College. Tickets purchased with frequent flier miles, through other travel agencies, on-line, or directly from the airline CANNOT be reimbursed or credited to student accounts.

Students will work directly with Pitzer’s designated travel agent to finalize their tickets by the date indicated in their acceptance letters. It is not necessary to depart from or return to Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, but the cost of such a ticket is the maximum amount the College will pay for airfare. The travel agency will bill Pitzer for the approved ticket. Students will pay the travel agency directly for the additional costs of an itinerary that is more expensive than the approved flight.

The following items may increase the cost of a ticket. Students will only be charged for actual overages.

  • Late travel arrangements – If a student misses the date indicated in his/her acceptance letter, any additional cost for the delay will be the student’s responsibility.
  • Travel dates that vary from the dates of the program, including going early or staying after the program ends
  • Indirect routing or stopovers through other cities or countries of interest
  • Departure from or return to airports other than Los Angeles or equivalent priced airport.
  • Open return tickets
  • Extra luggage charges – Luggage restrictions can be changed by the airlines without notice.
  • Transfer charges to and from airports
  • Replacement of lost tickets
  • Charges for changing the ticket after it is issued
  • Use of the travel agency after hours emergency service number – $25 per call.

Summer Programs

The Costa Rica Summer Health was $11,188 for 2013. The program fee covers tuition, room and board, a round-trip ticket provided by the College’s travel agent from LAX (or an equivalent priced airport) to San Jose, Costa Rica, required course-related trips, an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) with travel insurance, and a transcript.

Financial Aid

Pitzer financial aid is granted for Pitzer College students only. Non-Pitzer students should consult their own institution’s study abroad office for information on any aid available for study abroad.