The Rabbit Hole - Substance Abuse Education & Outreach

Mead Hall, W Tower (next to Marquis Library)
Room 107
909.607.7152 (ext. 77152)

The Rabbit Hole is a resource designed to assist students who have general questions about drugs and alcohol, as well as a safe place to go for confidential individual counseling and support.

A Substance Education Counselor is available to provide confidential and anonymous support and referral services to students whose lives are affected by drugs (including alcohol). Services are available to all students including those who are concerned about the drug use of a family member or friend.

• Confidential and respectful counseling
• Safe and supportive space to seek alternatives to abuse
• Peer support groups
• Evening office hours
• Flexible meeting times to fit your schedule

• Problem solving and anger management skill development

• Local 12 step groups and meetings
• Local therapists
• Treatment centers and detoxification hospitals

• Literature on abuse, addiction and recovery

Helpful Links & Telephone Numbers
Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous
(909) 624-2712 (909) 622-4274

Al-Anon/Alateen Nar-Anon of California
(888)425-2666 (714) 647-7725