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Gold Student Center Event Resources and Policies

Event Resources

If your event requires catering there are two on-campus options, the Grove House 909.607.3654, or Bon Appetit Catering, 909.607.9309.

You have a variety of funding sources available for your event, all of which have their particular processes, deadlines, and requirements. Look at the Funding Resources page for more information. Be sure you submit your request well before your event because you may be asked to return with more information if all the details have not been considered.


Be aware that NO:

  • Funding source can grant money after an event has occured;
  • College moneys may be used to purchase alcohol or other drugs;
  • Personal expenses, exclusive events, and for-personal-profit ventures will not be funded.

Most funding is processed as a reimbursement to you, so KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for your reimbursement. Performers (musicians, poets, etc.) MUST be paid with a contract, (a generic version is available on the Funding Resources page. Service providers should not be paid out of a student’s own pocket, or they will be responsible for any applicable taxes, etc.

Possible Funding Sources and Example Event:

One Time Events
i.e. social, cultural, educational, open events held on the 5Cs

SAC (Student Activities Committee)
i.e. Pitzer and 5C parties, large scale events

Senate Budgetary Committee
i.e. operating funds for clubs, conferences, on-campus events with expected significant Pitzer student attendance

Hall Councils
i.e. events in/for residence halls

Pitzer Outdoor Adventures
i.e. camping, outdoor trips

Women’s Center
i.e. gender issues events

Grove House Committee
i.e. Grove House events

Research and Awards Committee
i.e. academic project equipment, expenses

Without A Box
i.e. student performing and creative arts

5-College Organizations
i.e. various special interest events – contact the ASPC Office at Edmunds Union, x72268

Campus Life Committee
i.e. programs promoting co-curricular education

Posting Publicity Guidelines

Publicity Guidelines

  • • Fliers, posters and banners are to be approved prior to posting on campus.
  • • Students receive approval from OSA for their publicity. Staff and Faculty may seek approval through their own departments.
  • • Banners or other kinds of large scale advertising must be approved and then cleared for placement prior to posting on campus.
  • • Chalking of campus walkways, etc. is not permitted unless approved by the Office of Student Affairs.
  • • All fliers, posters and banners for an event need to have the following information: name(s) of the sponsoring organizations/ people, title of the event, date/time/location of the event, and contact information of event host.
  • • Recommended number of flyers or posters for the campus is no more than twenty-five (25) for events and meetings open to Pitzer staff and students. No more than three (3) banners are recommended.
  • • Posting for reasons other than event or meeting publicity (e.g. housing available, services or goods available from Claremont Colleges’ people, etc.) are subject to the above: recommended number of flyers or posters is five (5) or one (1) banner.
  • • Commercial offers and other solicitation from non-Claremont Colleges’ sources are explicitly prohibited unless approved by the Office of Student Affairs.
  • • The Pitzer Mail Room, as a matter of policy, will NOT stuff all student boxes without prior approval by the appropriate office of any senior staff member.
  • • Flyers, posters and banners must be removed by the sponsoring organization or people who posted them immediately after the event and please recycle!

Posting Guidelines

  • • Post on public bulletin boards, with amaximum of one per board. Do not post over others and post only on open, non-designated/ labeled bulletin boards.
  • • Do not post on glass doors or painted surfaces, such as the pillars along the mounds.
  • • Please respect our campus art and refrain from posting on or over any piece of artwork.
  • • Use staples or thumb tacks for posting on bulletin boards. All postings not on bulletin boards must be hung with blue painters’ tape.
  • • Do not use electrical tape, duct tape or scotch tape for posting.
  • • Any organization/people consistently abusing these guidelines and procedures will no longer be permitted to publicize at Pitzer College.
  • • The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to limit or stop distribution of publicity deemed offensive.

Room/Space Reservation

Any event at Pitzer College must be sponsored by a registered student organization, faculty, or administrative staff member. On campus room/space reservation is made through the room reservation system. If you are planning an event, you must make room/outdoor space reservations. You can check the availability of spaces and make reservations using the room reservation system. Please submit your request two weeks in advance.

The following rooms/spaces cannot be reserved through the online system:

  • Anthro Lab - Not available for scheduling
  • Arboretum - scheduled by Arboretum Manager
  • Grove House - Scheduled by the Grove House Committee
  • Film/Video Labs - Scheduled by the Director of Media Studies
  • Psychology Labs - Scheduled by the Psychology Field Group
  • Computer Labs - Scheduled by the Lab Manager

Event Staff is a group of Pitzer students committed to helping their peers host successful on-campus events. From superior audio mixing to fence installation, event staff has the knowledge and equipment to facilitate nearly any event imaginable.

Event staff is divided into three subcategories including sound crew, event managers, and servers, each play an important role in the execution of events on the Pitzer campus.