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Co-Curricular and Academic Funding Resources for Pitzer College Students

Funding Forms

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The following resources are available to Pitzer College students for academic and co-curricular support. Requests for funds should be made to the Dean of Faculty’s Office in Fletcher Hall. Two sources of funding are available to Pitzer College students:

1. Research and Awards Funding (Academic):

The Dean of Faculty's Office oversees research and conference travel funding for students.

(a) Research Grants: Grants are available to assist Pitzer College students with research project costs. The goal of the grant is to encourage independent research by students. Research necessary for the satisfactory completion of coursework will not be funded, with the exception of Independent Study projects, senior theses (whether required or optional), and other senior projects. The maximum amount any student can receive for research in an academic year is $250.00.

There are normally two grant periods announced each year, one in the early fall, one in the early spring. Applications can be obtained from the Dean of Faculty’s Office, and should be turned in there. No reimbursement for expenses incurred can be made until receipts are provided. Applications should be for work during the semester, the academic year, and/or the following summer.

Student Application for Research and Awards Funds (pdf)

(b) Conference Presentation Funds: Travel, registration, room and board costs for students who are presenting papers at professional meetings are eligible for funding. Funding ranges from $200 to $500, depending on cost of airfare, registration and hotel. In all cases, students are encouraged to minimize costs wherever possible (e.g. sharing a hotel room with fellow student presenters). Students must furnish documentation confirming that their papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference. Applications for funding must be submitted prior to attending.

Students will receive responses from the Dean of Faculty's Office to their application for travel awards within 10 working days. Students must present original receipts to the Dean of Faculty’s Office to be reimbursed. If the student is not presenting at the conference, a letter of support from an advisor or faculty member is required.

Student Application for Conference Travel Funding (pdf)

2. Campus Life Committee (Co-curricular):

The mission of Campus Life Committee is to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the College, to promote and support close faculty-student relationships, and to encourage the involvement of alumni in the campus community. CLC fulfills its mission primarily by allocating various funds for special events, activities, programs, and projects that will enhance campus life. All members of the Pitzer community are invited to submit funding proposals. CLC also oversees issues of space development, allocation, and utilization in residential areas, and supports an orientation program for new students.

  • The specific funds are as follows:
  • The Academic Events Fund supports programs and events that are related to specific courses but are open to the entire Pitzer community.

    The Agnes Moreland Jackson Diversity Program Fund supports programs primarily directed toward first-year students (but open to everyone) to provide diversity programming. Programs and activities may include field trips, workshops, special talks by guest speakers, films, and so on.

    The Forum Fund supports an interdisciplinary teaching/research project, during the course of which outside speakers are brought in, a conference held, or some other set of special events arranged to benefit the Pitzer community. Campus Life Committee invites proposals for large events that use a minimum of half the funds available.

    The Printed Word Award supports “educational purposes related to the concise, precise and effective use of the English language.” In practice, the award has been used to support an annual academic forum focused on issues related to literacy and writing.

    The Frederick J. Salathé Fund for Music and the Cultural Arts supports an event or series of events related to the Arts, Music, and/or Literature as practiced, exhibited, or performed by professionals. We are seeking proposals for large events that would use a minimum of half the funds available.

    Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF) are meant to be “strategic” in the sense that they’re meant not simply to augment activities currently funded by the academic or student life budgets, but rather to provide an opportunity to test out and try new initiatives or broker collaborations among different college constituencies (for example, combined faculty/staff proposals or collaborative proposals by several field groups or several faculty/student organizations).

    The Glass Annual Humanities Lecture was established to honor Steve and Sandy Glass for their contributions to Pitzer College by showcasing a leading figure in the humanities.

For more information on the funds, average awards, and how to submit a proposal, visit the Campus Life Committee web pages.