Student Life

Event Registration and Hosting Guidelines

Pitzer College aims to promote a lively and varied social life within our community. Student–sponsored events play an important role in Pitzer’s campus life. The principal goal of a student-sponsored event should be to enhance campus life. Events should focus on the greater campus community and not be used exclusively as an opportunity to showcase band talent or focus primarily on alcohol. The following guidelines are intended to facilitate such events safely and in accordance with Pitzer policies. Students wishing to register and host events on campus are encouraged to make responsible choices while minimizing high-risk behaviors.


To help students host responsible and safe events, the Pitzer requires that most student-sponsored events held on campus be registered with the Director of Student Activities and Orientation (hereafter referred to as “Director of Student Activities”). Student events which should be registered include:
•    Student events requesting major amplified sound;
•    Student events requesting to serve alcohol; and
•    Student events with an anticipated attendance of over 100 people.

NOTE: If students desire to host an event in a residence hall suite, they must register the event with the Residence Director of their living area. All of event registrations for student-sponsored events go through the Director of Student Activities.

Event Registration

To register an event, the event registrant must participate in an event registration meeting with Alayna Goins, Director of Student Activities or her designee, and then complete an “Event Registration Form,” made available to fill out once the meeting has occurred. The purpose of the registration meeting is to discuss the planned event, review the Event Hosting and Registration Guidelines, discuss risk management issues, determine the approved amount of event staff, security, and alcohol and servers (if applicable) and inform the event registrants of any additional approvals needed to complete the event registration process.

Event Types: Events that need to be registered will fall into at least one of the following categories and must be registered in advance according to the time frames indicated.

Events in the evening: Events that occur in the evening hours that are anticipated to occur between 8pm and 11pm (weekdays) or 8pm and 1am (weekends).

Events with 100+ people anticipated: Events that the registrant anticipates to have over 100 people or is publicized widely enough to likely draw over 100 people.  Note: Unless otherwise stated, all registered events are open to Pitzer students, their guests, and 5C students.

Events with amplified sound: Events that utilize the event staff sound equipment or outside sound engineering equipment.

Events at which alcohol is served: Events at which alcohol has been requested to be served and have been approved by the Director of Student Activities or their designee.

Registration Timeline: Students desiring to register an event should set-up an event registration meeting with the Director of Student Activities at least three weeks before the intended event date. The Event Registration Form should then be submitted at least two weeks before the intended event date. This registration timeline allows for scheduling event staff, Campus Safety (if applicable), facility reservations, and successfully publicizing the event.

Event Management

During the event registration meeting the Director of Student Activities will review the event management issues and needs, including: event staff, Campus Safety, restroom facilities, fencing, etc. An event walkthrough meeting with the Director of Student Activities and the event registrant may also be required to review safety and overall event management plans.

Event Staff: Event Staff is a group of Pitzer students committed to helping their peers host successful on-campus events, including sound mixing, helping with fencing, and serving alcohol. Depending on the nature of the student-sponsored event, event staff will be present to assist. If an event is approved to have alcohol, event staff servers will be required and it is the responsibility of the event registrant to pay the server fee (addressed in the “Alcohol” section below). Events held Sunday through Thursday must end by 11:00pm and events held on Friday or Saturday must end by 1:00am unless otherwise restricted.   

Campus Safety: Campus Safety will likely be required at student-sponsored events that are classified in two or more of the following ways: evening events, 100+ people anticipated, using amplified sound, alcohol is being served. The amount of officers required will be determined by the Director of Student Activities based on the type and nature of the event being registered. If a recurring event has had a successful pattern of management, an exception may be made to the requirement to hire officer(s). Payment for Campus Safety is the responsibility of the event registrants.

Fencing: Fencing may be required for an events held outside with a significant expected attendance. The type of fencing and the fencing plan will be reviewed and approved during the registration meeting, if applicable. Payment for fencing is the responsibility of the event registrants.

Restroom Facilities: Public restrooms must be available for all registered events without the need for key card access. Public restrooms are those which are available to all attendees regardless of gender identity, and do not require attendees to select a restroom based off traditional limitations imposed by gender and/or sex definitions. If appropriate public restrooms are not available for the nature of the event being registered, portable restrooms may be required. Payment for portable restrooms is the responsibility of the event registrants.

Event Registrants

The institutional resources provided by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to support events are exclusively for event registrants working in collaboration with one or more Pitzer club/organization. Individuals wishing to start a new event need to connect with a club/organization before proceeding. Collaboration will foster greater support and additional human resources. All events must have an event registrant who is responsible for meeting with the Director of Student Activities, registering the event, and be present at the event. The event registrant must also have a co-registrant that is present at the event. If the primary event registrant desires to serve alcohol, they must have a co-registrant that is 21-years of age for the request for alcohol to be considered. Hosting an event is a privilege and significant responsibility. Only students in good academic and social standing with the College are permitted to register and host events. Students who are struggling academically or who have made poor decisions regarding their behavior on campus are encouraged to address these issues before requesting to register and host an event.

Event Registrants are expected to:

  • • Be present for vendor deliveries, event set-up, the duration of the event, and for the clean-up of the event.
  • • Not be intoxicated at or consume alcohol during the event.
  • • Ensure that the event and guests comply with Pitzer policy and local, state, and federal laws. If violations are found, the event registrants will be expected to address the situation immediately.
  • • Seek help from Campus Safety if unable to safely manage or oversee the event. This includes ending an event early if, in consultation with Campus Safety or Office of Student Affairs staff member, it is determined to be necessary to ensure the safety of guests.
  • • Ensure that noise stays within a reasonable level. If a noise complaint is received by Campus Safety, the event registrants will be notified and will be expected to have the volume lowered. If a second complaint is received, Campus Safety may require the event be ended. Note: If a local law enforcement agency receives a noise complaint, they may respond to campus and issue a citation. If a citation is issued it will be given to the event registrants who will be responsible.
  • • Clean up the event location immediately following the event and return it to its pre-event condition. This includes removing all decorations and returning all furniture to its original location. If it is determined that additional custodial service is required following an event, the event registrants will be billed for that service.
  • • Ensure that all borrowed equipment or supplies are returned in a timely manner and in the same condition in which they were borrowed.
  • • Submit the online event evaluation form within a week of the event.

Event Publicity and Advertising

There are many ways to publicize your event besides the usual mass emails and posting of fliers. You can use word-of-mouth, table tents, sidewalk chalk, message boards, social networking media, etc. Be creative, but please observe the posting publicity guidelines and procedures at Pitzer and the other colleges, which were developed to provide effective publicity, while using a minimum of natural resources.

Some posting reminders for fliers, posters and banners:

  • • Need to be approved by the Office of Student Affairs (Scott Hall) prior to posting on campus.
  • • Need to have the following information: name(s) of the sponsoring organizations/people, title of the event, date/time/location of the event, and contact information of event host.


Student-sponsored events with alcohol may only be approved for Friday and Saturday. The decision to serve alcohol at a student-sponsored event will be based on staffing, availability of security, the nature of the event, the location of the event, and event scheduling. Individuals may not bring their own alcohol to any student-sponsored events.


  • • Beer and wine is the only alcohol that the Director of Student Activities will register. No hard alcohol is allowed to be served.
  • • All registered alcohol must be served into cups.
  • • Only students and guests 21-years of age or older with valid forms of identification may consume registered alcohol.
  • • The determination of the amount of alcohol that will be approved for a student-sponsored event will be based off the number of expected guests 21-years of age or older, the length of the event, and the venue/location. The approved amount will be the equivalent of one drink per hour per guest 21-years of age or older, for the duration of the event.
  • • If alcohol is approved to be served at a student-sponsored event, no more than one keg or equivalent servings of wine will be approved for the event.
  • • The number of student-sponsored events with alcohol cannot exceed more than one per weekend.
  • • The number of student-sponsored events approved to have alcohol cannot exceed eight per semester.
  • • All student-sponsored events approved to serve alcohol must also provide high-quality non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. water, juice, soda, etc.) and high-quality food (e.g. veggies and dip, fruit platters, cheese and crackers, etc.) throughout the duration of the event.


  • • If alcohol is approved to be served at a student-sponsored event, two official servers or one official server and one designated event staff are required.
  • • Servers 25-years of age or older, must be on the approved list by the Director of Student Activities, and must have gone through the approved TIPS training.
  • • Servers may not be intoxicated at or consume alcohol during an event.
  • • The servers must follow the guidelines of the Pitzer College Alcohol Policy when working at events. If it is found the servers are not following policy, the service of alcohol will cease for the duration of the event.
  • • Servers do not check IDs. A Campus Safety officer must be employed to check forms of identification for students wishing to consume alcohol.


  • • If approved to serve alcohol at a student-sponsored event, the club/organization collaborating on the event is responsible for the cost of hiring the appropriate number of Campus Safety officers and servers for the entire duration of the event. If the event runs late or officers are needed to disperse attendees at the end, the club/organization will incur the cost of the additional time.
    - The cost of Campus Safety officers is $25/hour per officer
    - The cost of the servers is $20/hour to pay for half of the server’s wages
  • • Student activity funds (i.e. clubs or similar funding) cannot be used to purchase alcohol. If a student-sponsored event is approved to serve alcohol, the registrant and Director of Student Activities will coordinate the purchase of the approved alcohol.

Attendance, Guests, and Identification

All student-sponsored events are open to Pitzer students, 5C students, and guests of students. 5C students must have their ID from their home institution. Guests must have a valid government-issued ID and guest pass from their host’s home institution. If alcohol is served at the event, individuals who wish to consume alcohol must present a valid, government-issued photo ID. Student hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests while on campus. \