Former Student Body Presidents

The student body president is the official representative and spokesperson of the Pitzer College student body to all constituencies, the media, and the public.

Andrew Lydens ’17
Term of Office: 2015-2016

Andrew is originally from Singapore and is currently a Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture in Seattle, Washington.

Bailey Masullo ’15
Term of Office: 2014-2015

Bailey is originally from Topsfield, Massachusetts and is currently an Investment Product Management Analyst at American Funds in Los Angeles, California.

Nicholas Romo ’14
Term of Office: 2013-2014

Nicholas is originally from Los Angeles, California and is currently a Policy Consultant in the Office of Senator Connie Leyva in Sacramento, California.

Jon Rice ’13
Term of Office: 2012-2013

Jon is originally from Bethesda, Maryland and is currently a Senior Admission Counselor at the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California.

Rio Bauce ’12
Term of Office: 2011-2012

Rio is originally from Berkeley, California and is currently an Assistant Activities Coordinator at Converse International School of Languages in San Francisco, California.

Alex Smith ’11
Term of Office: 2010-2011

Alex is originally from Los Angeles, California and is currently a Development Officer at the Faring Capital in West Hollywood, California.

Brian Orser ’11
Term of Office: 2009-2010

Brian is originally from Santa Cruz, California and is currently a Designer at William Fisher Architecture in Santa Cruz, California.

Michael Pearson ’06
Term of Office: 2005-2006

Michael is currently the Vice President for Programs & Public Policy at the Southeast Florida Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.