The legislative branch of the Student Senate consists of a 39-member unicameral body, composed of a mixture of elected and appointed Senators. The majority of Senators represent the student body at large and are assigned to serve on a college committee. A small number of senators are elected to represent special constituencies.

The legislature convenes on a weekly basis during the academic year, or in special circumstances when the Executive Board calls an emergency meeting. They collectively vote on and approve all legislation, including resolutions, bills, and constitutional amendments.

Senior Class Rep: Nimiye Ogoun
Junior Class Rep: vacant
Sophomore Class Rep: Rebecca Zimmerman
First-Year Rep: vacant
Environmental Rep: Kamya Sud
International Rep: Zhuocen Shi

Campus Aesthetics Committee:
Dana Nothnagel
Silvie Wilson

Campus Life Committee:
Connor Wells
Arman Ahmed
Omar Shah

Diversity Committee:
Victor Bene
Donnie Denome
Noosha Aliabadi

Student-Alumni Relations Committee:
Hugo Ward
Will O’Donnell

Academic Planning Committee:
Brendan Schultz
Matthew Brunstad
Michael Lindberg
Maddy Gould

Academic Standards Committee:
Ryan Drover
Jonathan Asoulin

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee:
Krystle Yu
Kendal Carr

Curriculum Committee:
Nicole Aquino
Leah Kelly
Valeria Duran

Study Abroad and International Programs Committee:
Arianna Deng
Neely Yates

Faculty Executive Committee:
Claire Wengrod
Isaiah Kramer

Teaching and Learning Committee:
Elinor Aspegren
Hongfei Chen

Contact your student representatives with any questions, comments, and concerns.