Executive Board

The executive branch of the Student Senate consists of a five member Executive Board, collectively charged with organizing, coordinating, and overseeing all actions and activities of the Pitzer College Student Senate. The positions include President, Vice President, Communications Secretary, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Each member of the Executive Board is independently elected to their respective office, and has their own unique duties and responsibilities as a function of that office. All members of the Executive Board serve on a variety of different college and student committees, often in leadership capacities. They meet privately at least once a week in addition to all regularly scheduled Student Senate meetings, and work closely with both the Legislature and the Judicial Council to ensure all branches of government run smoothly and effectively. To learn more about the role and duties of the Executive Board, visit Article IV of the Student Senate Constitution.


Hajar Hammado ’18
Claremont, California

Vice President

Lora McManus ’18
Altadena, California

Communications Secretary

Anna Freitas ’20
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi


Kamyab Mashian ’19
Santa Cruz, California


Jack Kessel ’19
Lake Oswego, Oregon