Welcome to the Election Information Center for the Pitzer College Student Senate. According to the Constitution, elections are organized and certified by the Communications Secretary, with the Elections Committee planning and overseeing the process. All Student Senate positions are either elected by the student body, or appointed by members of the Executive Board. Any current student at Pitzer College is eligible to run in these elections, and/or apply for an appointed position.

Four elections are held during the academic year to fill vacant seats: (1) the Fall election in September, (2) the Spring election in January, (3) an Executive Board Election (February/March) and (4) the general election in April/May. The general election takes place at the end of each Spring Semester to fill positions for the following academic year. Ballots for elections will be distributed to every student via email.

All Elections are required to comply with Article IX of the Student Senate Constitution and the Elections Committee Bylaws as enforced by the Elections Committee. If you have any questions about the Student Senate election process, please do not hesitate to contact the Communications Secretary at sencomm@students.pitzer.edu.

The following regulations for elections are from the Student Senate Constitution and the Elections Committee Bylaws. Failing to follow these regulations may result in a candidate being disqualified from the election. If you believe a candidate may have violated any of these regulations, report the violation using this form.

All campaign materials must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs before being publicly displayed.

Candidates in a Senate election may not do any of the following:

  • Spend more than $15 on their campaign.
    • This includes the value of materials that you purchased prior to the campaign. You may have all campaign expenses (up to $15) reimbursed by Student Senate.
  • Accept monetary donations to run their campaign.
  • Spread false information or intentionally slander another candidate or member of the student government, or encourage others to do so.
  • Interfere or tamper with ballots in any way that might serve to benefit or disadvantage any candidate.
  • Vote multiple times or engage in election rigging of any sort.
  • Personally remove or deface Student Senate campaign materials.
    • If you believe campaign materials of another candidate violate these regulations, please report them to the Elections Committee instead.
  • Intimidate, bully, coerce, pressure, or otherwise harass any other student or candidate in relation to an ongoing election, or encourage others to do so.
  • Embezzle funds or improperly use funds to finance their campaign or any other candidates campaign, including accepting inappropriate monetary or material donations.
  • Bribe or improperly influence another student or candidate in relation to an ongoing election.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that is intentionally inconsistent with the core values of Pitzer College and the professional standards of the Student Senate.
  • Violate Pitzer College Policy.
  • Use any official Pitzer College Student Senate email to campaign for themselves or any other candidate or discuss their respective candidacies.  

All candidates must comply with sanctions issued by the Elections Committee, so long as those sanctions remain in effect.