Budget Committee

Welcome to the homepage for the Pitzer College Student Senate Budget Committee. As the Student Senate Treasurer and Chair of Budget Committee, the Office of the Treasurer is committed to making sure that all students and campus organizations have access to the monetary resources they need to thrive at Pitzer College.

Each academic year, the Pitzer College Student Senate oversees the allocation of more than $270,000 in student activities fees, a majority of which is distributed among student clubs and organizations. If you have questions or concerns regarding Student Senate budgetary matters, please feel free to contact sentreas@students.pitzer.edu.

CLICK HERE to view the 2017-2018 Annual Budget

CLICK HERE to view the Budget Committee By-Laws

Senate Budget Committee Permanent Members

  • Member of Executive BoardChair
  • Senator Melissa Banales, Senior Class Representative
  • Senator Shivani Kavuluru, Junior Class Representative
  • Senator Caroline JosephSophomore Class Representative
  • Justin Sleppy, First Year Class Representative

Requesting Money from Student Senate

The Student Senate Budget Committee meets weekly during the academic year to allocate funds. Meetings are typically held at 6:00pm every Sunday in Room 200 of the Gold Student Center. Funding is regularly budgeted towards campus projects, student clubs and organization budgets, academic conferences, and various other student expenditures.

You must submit a Funding Request Form at least 48 hours in advance of the Budget Committee meeting for your request to be heard. Be sure to accurately fill out all sections of the form and attend the Budget Committee meeting following Sunday to give a brief presentation and answer questions about your request. Please use the link below for Budget Committee Funding Requests:


Other Funding Sources for Students

In addition to the Budget Committee, students coordinating special events may also request funding from the The Pitzer College Events Board. If you would like to request money from The Pitzer College Events Board, please use the link below:


For more information on how to request funding elsewhere at the Claremont Colleges, please click here:

Reimbursements from Student Senate

As of Fall 2017, Pitzer Student Senate is proud to announce that we now provide reimbursements through venmo. To submit a venmo reimbursement request, please click here:

If you do not have a Venmo account, please email senatevp@students.pitzer.edu to request a check. It’s important to note that check reimbursements may take several weeks to receive because it is processed by multiple offices across the consortium.

Requesting a Credit Card from Student Senate

Students who need to make a large purchase (or are otherwise unable to front money for an approved expenditure) may request that the Treasurer issue them a Student Senate Credit Card in order to make make the purchase. To request a credit card, please submit this form. Please note that credit cards have a 16-hour max check-out period.


Please note that only a limited number of credit cards are available, and it is preferable to allow several days advance notice in order for your request to be processed. Student Senate is unable to issue petty cash for any expenditures, however, you may contact the Treasurer to request the issuance of a special check for a particular vendor.

Account Information for Pitzer Student Clubs & Organizations

All registered student clubs and organizations at Pitzer College are eligible to apply for a budget each year. Existing or re-chartering organizations apply for and receive their budgets during the April before the upcoming academic year, known as the “Spring Budget Hearings”. However, any new student organizations also have the opportunity to apply for a budget mid-year from the Senate Budget Committee. Some student organizations may also choose to return to the Senate Budget Committee mid-year to request additional funds for their budget.

Financial accounts for Pitzer’s student clubs and organizations are maintained by the Student Senate Treasurer. Individual clubs have autonomy over the allocation of their budgets; however, all allocations must be democratically approved by members, and recorded in the club’s minutes. To view your club’s current account balance, please click here:


Account Information for 5C Student Clubs & Organizations

Some campus organizations choose to register as a 5C student club, meaning they are open to all students from the Claremont Colleges, and are jointly funded by the five student governments. All financial accounts for 5C student clubs are maintained by the Associated Students of Pomona College (APSC). To view your 5C student club’s annual account information, please click here:


For more information about the finances for a 5C student club, please contact the ASPC Vice President for Finance, or visit the ASPC office on the second floor of the Smith Campus Center.

Reserve Fund

Any surplus funds left over at the end of each academic year are deposited into the Student Senate Reserve Fund. Traditionally, the Reserve Fund has been used as a “rainy day fund” to pay for various expenses which Student Senate may not have anticipated or budgeted for during the Spring Budget Hearings. Accessing the Reserve Fund requires approval from the Legislature, and must be done in consultation with the Senate Budget Committee. For more information about the Reserve Fund, please contact the Student Senate Treasurer.