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The 2018-2019 RA Job Description can be found RA Job Description 2018-2019

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About the RA Position

Our hope is that the Resident Assistant (RA) position is both a challenging and fulfilling experience. While the responsibility is great, so are the rewards. Being a student leader through Residence Life is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through mentoring and community building. Being an RA will challenge you to grow both personally and professionally and the experiences you gain in this role will serve you well for the rest of your life, no matter what career you may choose.

“Overall, I think the community of other RAs and being in a leadership position, like ResLife at Pitzer, was one of my most memorable experiences from college.” – Anna Goldberg, Resident Assistant 2010-2012

“Being an RA was hands down the most definitive experience of my undergrad.  I can 100% promise you that the skills and training that you have received as an RA are lifelong skills that are transparent in so many job positions and even in everyday life.  I can tell you with the utmost confidence that I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for Pitzer and ResLife.” – Sara Espinoza, Resident Assistant 2010-2013

“Being an RA was more than being in leadership; being a RA was being part of a community of awesome people who encouraged me to be my best every day. Through putting on campus programming, I also became much closer to the Pitzer community and knew my role within it, which was entirely rewarding.” – Mattie Ross, Resident Assistant 2010-2012

About Residence Life

Mission & Theme Explained

In addition to supporting Pitzer’s community values, RAs wholeheartedly foster the growth of a healthy and safe community through positive interactions, respectful exchange of ideas, celebrating diversity in all its forms and empowering leadership and action. For more information on Residence Life, visit the Office of Student Affairs Residence Life page.

It’s the job of our highly trained RAs to help promote community building and shape the environment and attitudes that encourages personal and collective growth. We help create an atmosphere of community living and learning that will help students with their academic and personal development.

New and Returning Resident Assistant Candidate Selection Timeline (2018-2019)


Event & Location Date & Time
ResLife Student Leader Application Available Online Friday, February 9, 2018
Informational Sessions

(NOTE: Attendance at these sessions is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, but optional)

Monday, Feb. 12 at 7pm

Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 7pm In McConnell Founder’s Room

Application Deadline Wednesday, Feb. 21 2018 by 5pm
Individual Interviews: Be sure to bring your Personal Expression Piece with you!  This can be anything!  (A book, a piece of art, a dance, a song, a photo, etc.)  Something that tells us a little about who you are. February 22-23, 2018
Group Interview Process Saturday, February 24, 9am- 12pm
Notification Letters Sent via Email Friday, March 2, 2018
Acceptance of Employment Deadline Wednesday, March 7, 2018 by 5pm