Student Success Loan Program

The Pitzer Student Success Loan Program is managed by the Office of Student Affairs Student Success Initiatives area. It provides currently enrolled Pitzer College students with helpful academic resources. Loans are subject to availability. For more information or to make a donation, please see below or contact [email protected].

Course Texts

The loan program makes it possible for students enrolled at Pitzer College to borrow course-related texts for a full semester. Please note the library may not have texts available for all 5C courses.

Requesting a Course Text Loan
To request a course text loan, please email [email protected] and include the title, author and edition (if applicable) of the course texts you are looking to loan out.

Course Materials

The program has different course materials such as safety goggles, calculators, molecule building kits, etc. Please email [email protected] to request materials/availability.

Device Loans

Device loans such as loaner laptops, webcams and noise-cancelling headphones are available to Pitzer students in order to avoid any academic interruptions due to an emergency or extenuating circumstance.

Requesting a Device Loan
To request a device loan, please email [email protected] and include your circumstances for why you are in need of a loan, as well as which devices you are in need of. For questions, concerns or inquiries on request status, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Success & Operations at 909-607-7622.