Financial Aid & Student Employment (Spring 2021)

Financial Aid

In anticipation of a final decision from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the The Office of Financial Aid will release revised financial aid packages and notifications no later than December 4th. Similar to the Fall 2020 semester, the cost of attendance will reflect an at home budget for all students who were not approved to live off campus. This budget includes the cost of tuition, an allowance for books and personal expenses, and support for living at home.  

We remain committed to supporting students since March and through Fall who have needed housing and food insecurity support. These students will continue to receive support through Spring. There are very limited funding resources available as the College has prioritized continued support for our most vulnerable housing insecure students. Therefore, it will be very critical to continue practicing being Mindful of Each Other. Students who are experiencing housing insecurity and do not have housing options for Spring 2021 should reach out to [email protected] by no later than December 7th.  

Additional financial aid updates will be available on the FAQ updates. Please note, changes may be fluid and updates will continue to be made as necessary.  

We have also partnered with faculty and Student Affairs to help empower students with enhanced virtual financial literacy and budget management skills that will be available to you in the near future.  

**Students who have not received a financial aid package should review the Documents tab on their Student Portal and submit all outstanding materials as soon as possible to have their aid reviewed.

Student Employment

Guidelines and Hiring Information for Spring 2021 Student Employment

As you review these guidelines, please note that in lieu of a work-study allotment for spring 2021, students will receive a Work Grant similar to what happened in fall 2020.  Thus, all student employment for the spring semester will be supported by Pitzer College funds.

  • For spring 2021, all student positions will be fully remote.  No student employees will be working on campus.  If the campus opens mid-semester, this may be re-evaluated.
  • As in the fall, positions will be open to enrolled students (full-time or part-time) residing in the U.S. for the spring semester.  Students on a leave of absence for the semester are not eligible to work for the semester of their leave.  Due to tax regulations and other legal barriers, students residing in international locations for the spring 2021 semester are not eligible to work.

As stated in the fall, though not all students who reside internationally are international students, we want to acknowledge the extremely challenging circumstances that international students have been navigating for several months.  In this context, we deeply regret that Pitzer is not able to employ students who are in international locations this spring. 

Many student employees for the spring semester will be students who were working in the fall semester in positions that are designed for the full academic year.  Students who were in these positions for the fall semester can contact their supervisor to inquire about their employment status for the spring semester.

For students who are looking to acquire new positions in spring 2021, positions will be posted in Handshake – – and made available to all students.  Positions will be posted during the week before classes begin (the week of January 18).  An e-mail will be sent to all students when positions are posted.

There are a small number of departments that may need new student employees to be selected and begin work before spring classes begin.  These departments may post positions and ask for applicants before the week of January 18.  In those limited cases, information will go out to students from the department notifying them of the open positions and application procedures.