Pitzer Code of Student Conduct & Medical Amnesty Policy in a Time of Covid-19

Practicing being Mindful of Each Other cannot be more critical now, than ever, and the health and safety of our community is dependent on our united efforts. We urge students to continue to cooperate with contact tracing efforts for the greater good and livelihood of all, including especially essential workers and immunocompromised persons, which has already greatly impacted our most vulnerable populations.  

All Pitzer students are required to comply with College, state, local, and CDC guidelines on or off campus. The hosting or attending of large student gatherings on or off campus, is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate interim suspension for the party hosts, at a minimum. Students are also expected to comply with directives to quarantine or isolate by Student Health Services or other medical providers. 

Pitzer’s Medical Amnesty Policy applies to Pitzer students who take responsible actions when they have either been exposed to or impacted by COVID-19 by engaging in behaviors in alignment with our ethos of being Mindful of Each Other, our College’s core values, and being an upstander by complying and cooperating with Student Health Services or other Covid-19 medical directives to quarantine or isolate, and contact tracers. Specifically, under Pitzer’s COVID-19 Medical Amnesty Policy, Students who appropriately and cooperatively assist another student, or the health and safety of the greater community, and cooperate with the College in receiving medical attention will not be subject to disciplinary proceedings for their actions, with the exception of circumstances as determined by the Dean of Students such as being the host of a large gathering, engaging in malicious and intentional behaviors to infect others with COVID-19, where immediate interim suspension will apply.  

COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form 
Students may engage in being Mindful of Each Other through community action by using this form to report a COVID-19 concern involving themselves, another individual, or a group. These concerns may involve issues related to: monitoring symptoms, face covering guidance, physical distancing, cleaning, COVID-19 Disclosure, or other concerns. Submissions are also welcomed from local community members who wish to report concerns such as large off-campus student gatherings. The COVID-19 Reporting Form can be accessed here